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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 hands-on review

The Z Fold 3 has a 6.2in outer display and a larger 7.6in internal screen. The latter features the same fancy AMOLED specs as the Fold 2, with a 2208×1768 resolution, while the external panel offers an unusually elongated 832×2268 pixel count. Both screens treat the eyes to the silky smooth slickness of 120Hz refresh rates, with all the punchy colours and deep blacks you’d expect from Samsung.

Unfolding the Z Fold 3 to reveal the tablet-like display still feels as magical today as it did when we first laid hands on a folding phone. The extra real estate is something that will be appreciated by everyone from gamers and heavy readers to content watchers, creators, and multitaskers. Having said all that, there are still a few niggles – the first of which is the visible crease in the middle of the screen. This is an issue present on all folding phones. You do tend to stop noticing it when you’re actually using it, which is something we’ll be testing in our final review.

On the top right of the display you’ll find Samsung’s first under-display selfie camera — a feature we were particularly excited to see in the flesh. On a bright white background, a faint tell-tale outline gives away the presence of the lens beneath the screen. Again, though, it’s probably the sort of thing our brain will learn to ignore. We’ll see. Either way, top marks for ambition.

The larger folding display is compatible with Samsung’s new S Pens, providing doodlers and note-takers with the accuracy and speed we’ve come to expect from a Samsung Stylus. These feature retractable nibs which stop you from pressing too hard on the screen while you’re sketching. Annoyingly, there’s no in-built slot for the S Pen like the ones you’d find on the older Note handsets, although there is a separate holster case you can snap up if you’re worried about losing your scribble stick.

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