How to transfer WhatsApp backup from iPhone to Android

It is now possible for WhatsApp users to transfer their chats from iOS to Android, including all voice notes, photos, videos, and conversations. Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2021 announced the much-anticipated feature last night. There’s a catch, though. Transfers from iOS to the latest Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 and Galaxy Z Flip3 will be available initially, with other Samsung phones to follow soon. At some point, WhatsApp will enable chat transfers between iOS and Android devices. However, a timeline has not been provided.

WhatsApp chat transfer: How it works?

The new chat transfer feature, which WhatsApp will launch in the coming weeks, will use a physical Lightning to USB Type-C cable instead of transferring wirelessly. Nonetheless, if you have transferred between iOS and Android in the past and have two separate cloud backups, the new feature will not merge them into one conversation history. In either case, WhatsApp will overwrite any existing backups.

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Samsung’s new foldable phones will be the first to support WhatsApp transfers from iOS, then Samsung devices running Android 10 and above will have the ability to do so shortly after. While the company has not yet mentioned when the feature might be available on non-Samsung Android phones, since WhatsApp has begun talking about chat transfers between iOS and Android, we can expect it to appear sometime this year.

Image Credits: Whatsapp and Samsung

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