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7 Can’t Miss Rides and Roller Coasters in San Diego

From the iconic beachfront roller coaster at Belmont Park to immersive flight simulators flying you through the virtual sky, get ready for all the sharp twists, steep drops and speedy passes that will get your adrenaline rushing. 

1. Giant Dipper at Belmont Park

When people think of San Diego roller coasters, the iconic Giant Dipper is always top of mind. Zipping along at 48 miles per hour, you’ll want to grab tight with every sharp dip and gripping twist. The 96-year-old landmark in Belmont Park delivers not only thrills but also stunning views of the Mission Beach coastline. It is a perfect way to get your adrenaline pumping while soaking up the sea breezes.

2. Electric Eel at SeaWorld San Diego

Get ready to feel eel-ectrified on San Diego’s fastest and tallest roller coaster. Located at SeaWorld San Diego, the Electric Eel calls all thrill seekers and roller coaster fanatics to experience this adventurous ride—with stomach-churning drops from heights of 150 feet paired looping in twists back and forth at lightning speed. Take in the rush at 60 miles per hour and feel the goosebumps cover your body as gusts of wind push you back against your seat.

3. Emmet’s Flying Adventure at LEGOLAND California

What seems like just a comfy couch is really an epic ride at LEGOLAND California. Emmet’s Flying Adventure, THE LEGO® MOVIE™ WORLD’s main attraction, will transport you on a triple-decker couch as you swoop through THE LEGO® MOVIE™ brick-made universe. Surrounded by a full-dome, 360-degree virtual screen, you’ll feel the twists, turns and turbulence as you fly alongside your favorite LEGO® MOVIE™ characters.

4. Flightline Safari at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park

The San Diego Zoo Safari Park has many wonderful winged animals, but on the Flightline Safari, you are the one flying. Soar 130 feet above the ground on a zip line that gives you a spectacular bird’s-eye view of rhinos, giraffes, and other wildlife in the savanna habitats below you.

5. Virtual Reality Flight Experience: Screaming Eagles at the USS Midway Museum

Feel what it’s like to pilot an F-18 jet with the USS Midway Museum‘s Virtual Reality Flight Experience: Screaming Eagles. From launching the F-18 jet off the carrier to hitting each target and sticking a safe landing, see if you have what it takes to fulfill the mission. Just be prepared to expect the unexpected.

6. Max Flight Interactive Ride at the San Diego Air & Space Museum

Grab your co-pilot and prepare for liftoff in the San Diego Air & Space Museum‘s FS2000 two-seat Max Flight Interactive Ride—a flight simulator steering the way for indoor thrill rides with cutting-edge machinery. As a full-motion ride, you’re in complete control. Fly the sharp banks, quick loops and heart-pounding dives whether in training or combat mode. The 360-degree spiral action feels real when flying a Max-Flight as you defend the virtual sky.

7. Skyfari at San Diego Zoo

After all those wild rides, slow things down to take in the sights and sounds on the San Diego Zoo‘s Skyfari Aerial Tram. Enjoy the stunning scenery while taking a shortcut to the other end of the Zoo on an open-air, intimate gondola. You’ll get a bird’s eye view of the Zoo, Balboa Park and Downtown San Diego. Don’t forget to look down to spot some of your favorite animals along the way.

Coming Soon – Emperor Dive Coaster

Soaring more than 60 mph on SeaWorld San Diego’s all-new coaster, Emperor. Dangle and drop more than 150 ft on Emperor before plunging 90 degrees into exhilarating loops, a tribute to the Emperor penguins’ journey from chilly, frosted cliffs to their deep dive into the depths of the ocean. Emperor will be the tallest and fastest floorless dive coaster in the state.

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