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Xiaomi launches new OLED TVs

With new OLED-enabled models, Xiaomi has updated its line of smart TVs. The new Mi TV 6-series comes with a high contrast ratio, HDR10+, and “True 10-bit” color. The new Mi TV OLED 77 model, meanwhile, has Harman Kardon-tuned speakers, high-wattage speakers, and a new specification in common with the Mi Mix 4.

Features of Mi TV 6 and Mi TV OLED 77

The Mi TVs 5’s successors do indeed use an OLED panel.

Xiaomi’s CEO, Lei Jun, said that the new smart screens have 4.6mm bezels, for a screen-to-body ratio of 97%. With a delta-E of about 2 and a max brightness of 800 nits, they are rated to cover 98.5% of the DCI-P3 color gamut.

Mi TV 6 series also offers a million-to-one contrast ratio, “True 10-bit” color, and DC dimming. Additionally, they have been certified by TUV for eye safety and for Dolby Vision enhancements, as well as IMAX. In contrast, the new Mi TV 77 has all of the same buzz-words and a few more.

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In addition to sRGB and BT 709 color spaces coverage of 95% and 100%, respectively, Xiaomi claims that its latest “OLED V21” comes with a Delta-E of 1.5 under each of these colorspaces.

Furthermore, the new flagship boasts a 1,500,000:1 contrast ratio and 1000 nits of brightness. It’s also the only new model debuted today to feature a 120Hz refresh rate, which also applies to its MEMC capabilities.

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Furthermore, Xiaomi’s gaming capabilities have been further enhanced with NVIDIA G-SYNC and an “optimized for Xbox” rating. It also features VRR, ALLM, and a response rate of one millisecond (ms). The Mi Mix 4 is also the only new TV to be touted for its audio performance, offering 70W of 3.1 channel audio through speakers branded Harman Kardon, and supporting DTS and Dolby Atmos.

Additionally, the Mi TV OLED 77 boasts the same new UWB as the new phablet, which could mean seamless remote control and connectivity between the two devices. The device will be released as a single model with 8.5GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage to go along with its 77-inch screen.

Price of Mi OLED TVs 2021

Price of the Mi TV Master 77-inch OLED are as follows:

• 16999 CNY / 1,95,254 INR / $2621 / 2236€ (first sale price)
• 19999 CNY / 2,29,712 INR / $3083 / 2631€

Price of the Mi TV 6 OLED are as follows:

• 55 inch = 4999 CNY / 57,416 INR / $771 / 657€
• 65 inch = 6999 CNY / 80,377 INR / $1079 / 921€

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