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Top 7 jobs in the medical field that pay well

A list of the top jobs in the medical field that pay well, including the average salary for each. 

The average healthcare professionals earn approximately $69,000 per annum and this is among the highest income levels for paid workers in the world.

The U.S Bureau of Labor and Statistics projects an increase in medical job opportunities by 15% between 2019- 2029 with millions of more health care jobs created. 

Are you interested in a medical job?

There are certain medical jobs that pay more than the others and this article will highlight the highest paying medical field jobs.

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What jobs in the medical field are in high demand?

Although physicians and surgeons are in high demand, there are other top paying medical field jobs.

Physicians and surgeons

Doctors and surgeons are the highest-paid health care professionals in the medical field. To practice as a doctor, you need to attain professional training in an accredited medical school. Upon graduation, you can specialize in a therapeutic area through residency training licensing programs to become a specialist. 

For instance, cardiologists are physicians who specialize in diagnosing and treating medical conditions affecting the heart only and orthopedic surgeons specialize in the surgical management of fractures and bone diseases. 

Medical specialists earn more than general doctors and there are numerous therapeutic areas you can choose to specialize in.

The average medical doctor earns $160,000 per annum while medical specialists salary from specialty to specialty. For example, the average cardiologist earns approximately $300,000 per annum while the average orthopedic surgeon earns $600,000 per annum. 


Dentists are healthcare professionals who specialize in treating gum and teeth diseases.

Dentists are trained in a dental school and dental specialists also undergo a dental residency program where they sit for licensing exams before being certified to handle dental cases.

 There are general dentists and dental specialists such as orthodontists and prosthodontists. General dentists treat general diseases that affect the gums and teeth while dental specialists correct abnormal teeth using implants, braces, and specific dental procedures.

The average dentist earns approximately between $170,000- $190,000.


Optometrists are medical professionals that diagnose and treat visual problems by prescribing corrective spectacles.

To practice as an optometrist, you need a professional degree and license.

The average optometrist earns $110,000 per annum.


These are medical professionals in a health team that specialize in dispensing drugs to patients and counseling patients on how to take drugs to minimize the side effects of the drugs.

To become a pharmacist, you need to acquire a professional degree and license from an accredited training program. 

The average salary for a pharmacist is between $100,000- $130,000 per annum.

Nurse practitioners and nurse anesthetists

Nurse practitioners are nurses trained specially to diagnose, interpret laboratory results and treat primary cases.  Nurse anesthetists are nurses who administer analgesics and anesthetic drugs to patients during surgery and provide post-surgical care.

Nurse practitioners and nurse anesthetists are trained in graduate degree programs and experienced nurses with strong clinical skills and knowledge are accepted into these advanced programs.

The annual salary of these nurses range between $100,000- $120,000.


These are health care practitioners who specialize in diagnosing and treating medical conditions that affect the feet. They prescribe drugs and carry out less extensive surgical procedures for foot and ankle-related diseases.

You need professional training and a license to practice as a podiatrist.

The annual average salary is  $111,816.

Physician Assistants

Physician assistants are medical practitioners who have been trained to make clinical diagnoses and treat medical conditions. These professionals need a college degree and advanced medical training like a master’s degree to practice.

Their annual salary is $110,000.


Even though doctors and surgeons are the highest-paid medical field jobs, other health care professionals like nurse practitioners and dentists are among the high-demand medical jobs.

To be employed in one of these top paying medical field jobs, you need to acquire professional training and graduate degrees like master’s or doctorate.

The demand for these medical professionals will continue to rise in the future as the world fights against old and new medical conditions. 

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