Top 10 best part-time medical jobs 

A quick list of the top 10 best part-time medical jobs, ranging from physician assistant to occupational therapists, along with the average pay for each. 

Would you like to work in the medical field but want a flexible schedule?

A work schedule that gives you time to do other things and still earn a decent income. Then you need to consider a part-time medical job.

There are part-time medical jobs that pay well and are worth considering.

The employment requirements for each part time healthcare job differs and is dependent on the employer. 

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Part-time healthcare jobs that are in demand

Physician assistant

Physician assistants are medical professionals who can diagnose and treat medical conditions. Their major role is to support physicians in a hospital. These professionals need a college degree, license, and a master’s degree to practice.

Physician assistants work part-time in a hospital or health facility by setting their hourly rate and availability per week.

The average hourly rate is $47.

Physical therapist

These are healthcare professionals trained to diagnose and treat patients with medical conditions that restrict physical movement and function.

Medical conditions like stroke that affect physical movement or patients with muscular injuries need the services of a physical therapist to restore physical function.

Physical therapist services are often on demand and they can charge clients per hour for clients that need short therapeutic sessions.

A college degree and license is a requirement for practice and the average hourly income is $40.

Occupational therapist

Occupational therapists are medical practitioners who utilize therapeutic measures to help clients recover from disabilities that prevent them from carrying out daily tasks.

They can opt to offer part-time work hours in rehabilitation and nursing homes where most of their clients are found.

Occupational therapists have a college degree and practicing license.

Their average hourly rate is $38.

Radiologic technician

Radiologic technicians are trained medical professionals who prepare patients and operate radiology machines for radiological investigations.

They operate radiological machines such as X-ray, computer tomography scan (C.T.Scan), magnetic resonance imaging (M.R.I) and more.

Radiologic technicians work part time shifts on weekends in some health facilities and are paid hourly.

A college degree and practicing license is essential to become a radiologic technician.

The mean rate is $27 per hour.

Mental health counselor

Individuals with mental and emotional disorders seek the services of a mental health counselor. These health care professionals are trained to listen and offer emotional support through therapeutic sessions to their clients.

They can work part-time in a private medical clinic or hospital and are paid an average of $20 per hour.

Home health aide

These are people who offer home health services to clients with severe physical and cognitive impairment i.e elderly patients. Home health aides work part-time and don’t need a college degree or license to offer their services.

Their average hourly rate is $10.

Virtual medical scribe

Virtual medical scribe is a person who carries out a part time medical job from home. 

They are physician assistants who document relevant medical information on behalf of a doctor. They work remotely and access doctor-patient consultations and clinical data through an electronic health records system.

Virtual medical scribes don’t require a college degree to be employed and they are paid per hour by the hiring physician.

Their average hourly rate is $14.

Medical administrative assistant

Medical administrative assistants play supportive roles such as organizing meetings in the hospital, scheduling appointments, picking calls, handling paperwork, and filing reports for reference purposes.

A formal degree isn’t necessary to work as a medical administrative assistant but a diploma or certifications may be needed by an employer.

Their average hourly rate varies between $15- $20 and depends on the type of employer.

Dental assistant

They are people who prepare patients for dental procedures and provide support services to a dentist in a dental clinic.

Dental assistants require special training in a certificate program before they are employed.

They can choose to offer part-time services to a dentist and their average hourly rate is $18. 

Healthcare recruiter

Healthcare recruiters are non-medical professionals who recruit clinical workers like doctors and nurses for hospitals. They conduct interviews along with other decision-makers and play active roles in the hiring process of medical workers.

Their services are on a need basis so they can choose to be paid an hourly fee.

Their average hourly rate is $25; though this depends on the type of employer and experience level of the healthcare recruiter.


Part-time medical jobs are ideal for individuals who want to work and study because they can choose their  work schedules. Part-time health care workers work on weekends or when there is a sudden need in a health facility. They are paid per hour which can be negotiated with an employer based on their experience level.

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