About To Work On Your First Wedding Photo Shoot? Follow These Tips For A Hassle-Free Photo Session

Put together a shot list

The engagement shoot would also be the appropriate time to invite the couple and their families to put together a shot list with you if they haven’t made one already.

This allows them to be sure that every photo will be just as they imagined it, and also makes your job of meeting their desires a lot easier. After getting to know your client’s tastes while doing the love shoot, you should have a wealth of suggestions to bring to their attention.

For example, a couple who sees the wedding as more of an intimate, personal event would appreciate shots that portray ordinary moments like wedding prep and candid laughter.

On the other hand, a couple who views the event as a cornerstone of their life stories would love to see every scene from the special day, from an admiring photo of the wedding dress to the walk down the aisle.

Your client could be a mix of these types or neither, so it’s important to get a keen feeling of what they want to see so you can bridge the gap between what they can and can’t articulate. 

To help this along, show them the results of the engagement shoot and ask them to select 10 photos that represent how they want their entire wedding album to look.

This will also allow you to judge the little things about their photography tastes. Detail-oriented couples would love it if you could shed the spotlight on features not often focused on, such as the bride’s engagement ring and the wedding rings.

Some couples may like to showcase their rings in unusual ways, but before taking pictures of the rings in unconventional places, such as nestled against a heap of petals or balanced on a rock, ask if the rings are insured since coverage is essential to protect valuable jewelry against things like scratches or damage.

Meanwhile, motion-oriented couples adore dynamic shots that showcase the kinetic energy of the whole affair. Background-oriented couples believe that the backdrop, whether it’s nature or the beauty of the venue, completes the shot.

Be sure to brush up on taking landscape shots to accentuate the background your subjects will be immersed in if this is the case. 

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