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Free apps for iOS & Android: Here’s how you can save up to $70

NextPit has once again picked out free apps for iOS and Android devices! Otherwise, you would have to fork out a hefty $70, which is the normal price of what these mobile games and apps would normally cost. With our selection, you can save a chunk of your money, getting them for free on your smartphone without being irritated by annoying ads.

There is hardly any article that’s as popular on all our NextPit-domains as the weekly selection of free apps. You can obtain the Pro versions of some of these awesome applications without paying a single cent. So the goal is not to offer free apps like WhatsApp and Facebook, but to look for periodical discounts from time to time.

In order to achieve this, we do our due diligence and look for apps like AppsFree in order to search for new entries. Do you have another tip for the rest of us? If so, do let us know in the comments!

If not, you can now sit back and relax and download the following apps on your smartphone. Here is one more tip: If you are interested in an app and can’t use it right now? Just go ahead and download it anyway. After uninstalling it, you can still download it to your phone at a later ppoint in time for free.

Free apps and mobile games for Android

Free apps in Google Play Store

  • Alpha Backup Pro ($5.99): “Alpha Backup Pro” is a backup-app that is once again available for free. You will obtain a comprehensive app without any annoying ads or in-app purchases.
  • How much can I spend? ($2.99): This app lets you keep track of your finances and tracks your spending habits. Gathering 4.6 stars from 619 reviews, it looks quite promising and could help you steady your monthly expenditure.
  • OneUI Icon Pack ($0.49): Have you ever enjoyed looking at Samsung’s OneUI in our reviews? With this icon pack, you can get a taste of that pretty UI on your own non-Samsung-smartphone.
  • Pro MP3 Player – Qamp ($0.99): Qamp is an MP3-player for your smartphone. Obtaining 4.2 stars out of 5,000 reviews, it seems like a good choice!
  • Positional ($1.49): Attention! Promotion ends this Thursday – Positional is a neat app to check out your location. Perfect for geocachers or while hiking, the app bundles interesting information about your current location.
  • BabyBook Journal ($2.99): Have you become a dad or mum recently? Then download BabyBook, an app with which you can record the first few weeks, months, and years of your child’s life.
  • Audio Recorder ($0.49): An audio recorder (surprise, surprise!) that’s rated 4.1 stars in Google Play Store. Get this for free, as this app is certainly worth checking out!

Mobile Games for Android

  • Truth or Dare Pro ($3.99): This mobile game takes on the classic party game “Truth or dare”. It’s especially fun with multiple people, of course! Why not spice things up by including drinks?
  • AceSpeeder 3 ($0.99): AceSpeeder is a racing game that borrows heavily from the classic “F-Zero” title. Hence, expect plenty of futuristic racers driving at super fast speeds around a course.
  • Manoir ($2.99): Things get absurd in the platformer known as “Manoir.” You play a bean that has to fight its way through a mysterious world. Need I say more?
  • Hills Legend: Action-Horror ($0.99): A creepy 3D game where you have to fight your way through various levels.
  • The House: Action Horror ($0.99): Here’s an alternative to the previous entry. Same developer, but a totally different scenario!
  • Brain Game – Find 5X ($2.49): A puzzle game with rather terrible graphics. However, once you get beyond the graphics, the game becomes enjoyable. To offer you the widest possible choice, I have included Brain Game in this list
  • Infinite Launch ($0.99): Steer a rocket through space, shooting down enemies and obstacles along the way. It is somewhat paying homage to the arcade classic, Asteroids!
  • Evertale ($0.99): Evertale is a Japanese RPG that has been rated 4.2 stars by 330,000 players. It doesn’t get any better than that, does it?

Free Apps and Mobile Games for iOS

  • DWD WarnWetter ($0.99This is a weather app of the German Weather Service! It normally costs $0.99 and is currently free.
  • Starlight: Explore the stars ($1.99) We have already recommended this constellation map to you frequently. You save $1.99 here!
  • Tahir App – Text on Image ($1.99) With this app, you can easily construct your very own e-postcards. This is because with Tahir, you can add text to the images to your digital memories in no time at all.
  • Lilium Income ($1.99): Another expenses-tracker for your finances that comes with Siri support and looks really great.
  • Scanner ($1.99): An app that can automatically detect and save texts.
  • DayCircle ($0.99): How do you keep track of all the important dates in your life? Birthdays, your first kiss, moving house – you can keep track of all that here, and with the 4.9 stars rating, it probably works really well.
  • Dubcut ($0.99): A video tool that lets you perform edits of your clips on your mobile device. It also sports a special feature: a text-to-speech function for your overlays.

Free iOS Games

  • TreeHole Adventure ($0.99): A brightly colored cartoon game in which you have to solve puzzles.
  • Sadhana ($1.99): Sadhana is one of the games co-funded by Arte that offers an educational perspective. This time, Arte brings you to a super pretty desert!
  • Barbershop The Game ($0.99): In this game that is full of isometric pixelated graphics, you get to run your own barbershop.
  • Tusker’s Number Adventure (2.99): A crazy mobile game that likes to simulate glitches and crashes at times. For some reason, it constantly warns that the game is NOT meant for kids. So, all the more reason to give it a try!
  • Findit ($2.99) (contains in-app purchases): Want to kill some time? Find differences in 200 photos in this photo challenge.
  • KungFu King ($0.99) (with in-app purchases): Join ancient kung fu masters and travel the East to learn new techniques and, of course, put them to the test.
  • Heads up (4,49 €): A charades game that’s actually meant for kids. Unfortunately, this is only available in English, but this might be interesting for older generations.
  • Puzzle Planet ($0.99): An educational game for parents and kids. A nice puzzle is presented where each planet is a new challenge.

So, those were all the mobile games and apps that we could currently find available for free on iOS and Android. Once again, however, the following caveat emptor applies: While we are usually able to see how long these promotions last on Google, this is not the case for iOS. If a game or app is no longer available for free, do let us know in the comments!

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