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5 Ways to Support Local Businesses During a Lockdown

With the current restrictions in our city limiting operations of many businesses, we’ve outlined some ways for you to support the businesses you love.

  1. Order Takeout or Delivery 

Ordering take-out is a great way to support local restaurants who have had to close their doors for dine-in. Calling the store or ordering from their website directly allows them to avoid commission fees from third party platforms. If they deliver, ask for a no-contact drop off! 

Check out some awesome takeout the city here.

  1. Write a Review 

This is a great FREE way to support a local business that you love! Head to their Google listing, Facebook page, Trip Advisor, or any other review host and write about why you love their business. A good rating can generate more business for a local company. 

  1. Buy Gift Cards for Future Use 

For businesses that have had to close their doors entirely, buying gift cards is a great way to support them when you cannot purchase their product or service.  

  1. Talk About Them on Social Media 

This is another great FREE way to show your support. People are influenced most by their family and friends! Write a post or story about your favourite local businesses. Be sure to tag them – this can help them to gain more followers and a larger audience for marketing.  

  1. Tip 

Tipping is a great way to support the employees at your favourite local businesses. Especially in the food & beverage industry, these workers have endured multiple closures of their workplace. Add a bit extra to your usual tip – this means more to them than you might realize! 

Find more ways to support your favourite local businesses for FREE here.

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