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Sony launches new range of Party Speakers in India


A new line of Sony party speakers has been unveiled in India. They are portable party speakers from Sony’s X series. The wireless speakers are SRS-XP700, SRS-XP500, and SRS-XG500. Although the SRS-XP700 and SRS-XP500 are your typical party speakers, the SRS XG-500 has a modern boombox design. Sony’s new speakers come with Sony’s own X-Balanced speaker units with Mega Bass and Live Sound Mode.

Sony SRS-XP700, SRS-XP500 and SRS-XG500 Features


X-Series speakers have a cylindrical design. The SRS-XP700 and SRS-XP500 can stand vertically to create a party atmosphere. At the same time, the SRS XG-500 is more portable and has a handle to carry around. The Sony speakers all feature the company’s X-Balance speakers and a non-circular diaphragm which, according to Sony, produces less distortion by maximizing the speaker’s area. The Mega Bass feature enhances the bass on the speakers. For a surround sound experience, they also offer a Live Sound mode.

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They all come with IP ratings, which means that they are protected against dust and water. The SRS-XP700 and SRS-XP500 have an IPX4 rating, while the SRS XG-500 has an IP66 rating. Their massive built-in battery life is one of their best features. Music can be played for up to 30 hours on the XG500. For XP7000 and X500, it’s 25 hours and 20 hours, respectively.

Connectivity options include Bluetooth, Aux-in, and a port for connecting a guitar or microphone. Using a USB cable, you can connect a smartphone to the XG500’s USB play feature. The device can also be charged while playing songs.

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Sony SRS-XP700, SRS-XP500 and SRS-XG500 Price and Availability

Pricing and Availability:

Model Best Buy (in INR) Availability
SRS-XP500 Speaker 26,990/- 10th August 2021
SRS-XP700 Speaker 32,990/- 10th August 2021
SRS-XG500 Speaker 32,990/- 10th August 2021

Sony SRS-XP700 price in India is Rs 26,990, SRS-XP500 costs Rs 32,990, and SRS-XG500 costs Rs 32,990.

The three models will all go on sale starting on August 10. Speakers can be pre-booked at Sony retail stores (Sony Center and Sony Exclusive), the portal, and major electronic stores and e-commerce portals in India.

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