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OnePlus Nord N200 5G Proves Its Mettle With Intensive Durability Tests; All You Need To Know


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OnePlus had recently grabbed all the headlines for the Nord 2 blast which raised concerns amongst the users related to safety standards. However, the brand following an investigation revealed that the incident was due to exteranly induced damage and not any manufacturing defect. Since then, several recent OnePlus device’s durability tests videos have been shared online showing their ability to survive external impacts.

OnePlus Nord N200 5G Proves Its Mettle With Intensive Durability Tests

The OnePlus Nord N200 which is another one of the recent launches by the company has also been put to several levels of durability tests. How well has this device been able to handle all the tests? Read on to know:

OnePlus Nord N200 5G Durability Test: What Are The Results?

Popular YouTuber JerryRig everything shared a video on his official YouTube channel where the OnePlus Nord N200 has been made to go through multiple tests for durability. The device was put through scratch, fire and, bend tests.

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Starting with the scratch test, the OnePlus Nord N200 5G survived the scratches at up to level 5. Starting level 6, the device started retaining scratches which were deeper at level 7. Notably, the device picked up scratches easily on the sides compared to the display.

With this, it is established the OnePlus Nord N200 5G features a glass and not a plastic panel. But, that isn’t the case with the remaining body. The company has used an all-plastic body for this handset as the other Nord variants.

In the second testing phase, the device was put through a burn test. Surprisingly, the fire didn’t damage the device exponentially. Rather, the display part which was exposed to flame for longer duration went black and returned to normal rather quickly.

This suggests the handset has a higher heat resistivity which is much required with modern day intensive smartphone usage. In the third and the last test, the device was tested with the bending factor. Likewise the previous two tests, the OnePlus Nord N200 5G survived this durability tests as well with flying colors.

The panel didn’t have any major crack or un-repairable damage with the bend test. This is a good news for OnePlus Nord N200 5G users that the handset offers a high level of durability in all senses.

Respite For OnePlus Users

The OnePlus devices fairing all the durabilty tests is a releif for the users. This is amidst the rising concerns with the recent OnePlus Nord 2’s blast. We might see some more smartphones by the company going thorugh durabilty tests in the future and expect the same level of ruggedness.

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