Whole New Experience- Gambling on Cruise Ship

Cruise ships are huge constructions and there are numerous facilities on deck for the passengers to enjoy and relax. However, gambling is one of the most famous things that happen during evening and nighttime on board cruise liners. The casinos are often available on every single boat but you should take into consideration that they might differ in size and design. It is because their size may be reduced due to the lack of space or they are created only during nighttime instead of dining areas.


The Themed Casinos

One of the most common types of ship casinos is themed casinos, says one of the senior managers at LV BET totalizators. The gambling places are designed in accordance with the well known movies and characters. It ranges from Star Wars, James Bond to Marilyn Monroe. You will be able to see the fascinating atmosphere of the 50 ‘ s Las Vegas when you want to play online poker on a cruise ship or other games.

Pool Betting

The gambling pools can be a thing on cruise ships. It is a great opportunity to have fun as well as to bet on the winners of various competitions. Casinos can offer betting  for horse racing, golf and even Olympic Games and often there are screens somewhere above the pool to let you watch the game while you are chilling in the water. The odds are not that great but you will definitely have an unforgettable time before reaching your destination.

What is different in cruise ship casinos than in land casinos?

Every single boat has its own rules. For example, you might have to be 18 years old or older to enter casinos on cruise ships but it depends on each casino and every country that organizes your trip through the sea. If you are American, you need to be 21.

Some casinos are open only during evening and nighttime because it depends if they are separate areas or if they are created in the place of a dining zone. The size of casino and the amount of games can be different as well.

Gambling on cruise ships can be much more expensive and that is because of the fact that you are not on land and you have to pay for each type of entertainment. There will be an additional hotel, restaurant bills and other fees for everything like drinks or even internet access. You need to pay daily tax which brings you extra costs as well. There is also a lower probability of big wins since casinos are created mainly for passenger entertainment as a pastime during cruise and not as regular casinos for professional gamblers.

You might not even have an opportunity to drink alcohol in casinos on cruise ships. It is because of many different reasons – some countries forbid it, others do not allow you to drink alcohol before a certain time and finally there are those who do not allow drinking whatever beverages while gambling. Thus, you should always check the rules before entering a casino room. 

Who can gamble in cruise ship casinos?

One group of casino customers are passengers, but during staying in the harbour the casino might be open for the visitors as well. There are often separate rooms for the passengers and visitors but that all can be changed from boat to boat. This is because visitors might enter the casino and then stay on the ship accidentally (or intentionally).

There are some places on Earth where people can only gamble on cruise ships. For example, if you want to play poker in Singapore you have to do it on the ship. It is forbidden to gamble anywhere else  and that is because for many years gambling was viewed as an illegal situation which might influence the local economy negatively if people are gambling or not doing anything productive.

However, there are some countries where there are no land casinos, like Faroe Islands or Iceland, and people can gamble only on a ship.


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