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What it takes to become a great street photographer – start with stealth!

5. Be respectful

Always respect the local culture and be mindful of expectations and local customs. Never shoot someone’s picture if they make it clear they don’t want their picture taken. In many countries, like the United States, it’s legal to take pictures as long as you are in public on public land.

However, in some countries, strict laws govern when, where, and what you can photograph. For example, it could be illegal to take photos of specific government structures, including military installations, even when they’re only in the background.

Know the local privacy laws and customs before you find yourself in serious trouble. If you shoot a photo and someone becomes upset, smile and talk to them about why you took their picture and what you will do with it. Show them the image and offer to take another.

Some photographers will offer to send them a copy of the image. Rather than allowing your photography to separate you from the subject or locals, use it to bridge any differences. Who knows – you might make a new friend! 

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