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H&Y Filters launches Revoring Black Mist filter to fit any lens

H&Y Filters has announced a new series of Black Mist filters that are designed to fit almost any lens without the need for step-up filters.

The new Revoring Black Mist series builds on the range of Revoring filters H&Y launched last year, which feature self-retracting blades to give the filter a variable diameter. This Variable Step Adapter means you can mount the filter to lenses with filter threads ranging from 46-62mm and 67-82mm.

The new H&Y Revoring Black Mist filter uses magnets to attach to your lens, or it can mount on top of existing Revoring VND + CPL filters.

H&Y’s Black Mist filter is designed to dampen highlights and provide a more cinematic look and feel to images. Hard edges are softened and it creates a pastel effect.

The Black Mist filter also smooths over human skin, removing blemishes and wrinkles.

The H&Y Revoring Black Mist filter price tag starts at $109 and rises to $289 for various bundles.

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