Dandelion & Fluff Metal Design Stamp 11mm Beaducation Metal

Beaducation Original Dandelion and Fluff Metal Design Stamps – Dandelion design measures 11mm x 5mm. Fluff design measures 3mm x 3mm. – Made from 1/2″ and 1/4″ square heat-treated tool steel. – Beaducation Original Design. Made in the usa. – Arrives coated in oil to prevent rusting. Wipe oil away with paper towel. Do not use water. – Rated to use on all soft metals and stainless steel. Knives are hardened steel and none of our stamps should be used on knife blades. Quick & Easy: How to Make a Custom Metal Stamped Necklace Watch our 5 Minute Metal Stamping Tutorial here:

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