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H&Y Filters announces Revoring Black Mist filter that fits almost any lens without step-up rings

H&Y Filters has announced the launch of a new series of Black Mist filters that aim to solve the issue of step-up rings and adapters. The H&Y Revoring series launched last year with a VND + CPL combination filter and has now been expanded with the Black Mist filter. What separates H&Y’s filters from traditional filters is that the Revoring offers a variable diameter with self-retracting blades, allowing you to use it on lenses with different filter sizes without needing to use step-up rings. The Revoring has an aperture-like design that can fit different filter diameters.

The new H&Y Black Mist attaches magnetically to the existing Revoring VND + CPL filters or can be used by itself. But what is a Black Mist filter? The filter suppresses highlights, smooths skin blemishes and offers a more cinematic look for still photography and video applications. It comes in three strengths, 1/8, 1/4, and 1/2.

H&Y writes, ‘Cinematographers strives to create a film-like ambiance while high-quality modern camera offer too much sharpness. H&Y Black Mist filter is designed to give a dreamy hint to pictures and especially video by creating a ‘pastel effect’ to the whole picture. The contrast of the dark parts is mostly retained. Hard edges of the picture will be softened, especially around the light sources. A subtle glow will be added around the light spots.’

The Black Mist filter is akin to a haze or glow effect that you can add during post-processing, although applied at the time of capture. The strength of the effect varies depending on the scene, although it can be quite dramatic in certain situations, as you can see in the comparison shot below.

Comparing the different available H&Y Black Mist filter strengths. Credit: James Harvey/H&Y Filters

All Revoring products are built using aluminum, promising a lightweight and durable construction. The anodized finish prevents corrosion and protects the product from the elements. The threaded ends are designed to overlap, preventing light leaks when using the Revoring VND + CPL or new Black Mist filters. Magnetic aluminum caps are also available for the filters.

H&Y’s new Black Mist filters are available as a magnetic clip-on for existing H&Y Revoring filters or as a non-detachable option with the Revoring itself. The Revoring comes in three sizes, 37-49mm, 46-62mm and 67-82mm, although the Black Mist Revoring is only available in the latter two sizes and the clip-on version is incompatible with the 37-49mm Revoring VND + CPL.

The Revoring Black Mist is $109 for the 46-62mm version and $119 for the 67-82mm size. The magnetic clip-on Black Mist filter is $119 and $139 for the same sizes. A bundle is available, too, offering the Revoring VND + CPL plus the clip-on Black Mist filter for $249 (46-62mm) and $289 (67-82mm). Shipping is expected to begin later this month or in early September.

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