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Thanks for the Customer Love and for rating Iris Holidays as the best tour activity in Kochi in TripAdvisor

We take immense pride in telling that we work towards Customer Love and Satisfaction as a priority.

We still remember the first time when someone posted a review about Iris Holidays on TripAdvisor in 2010. All of us were really thrilled when the reviewer titled the review as

Iris Holidays – The True Definition of Customer Service

Customer Love

We were thrilled because when we tried conceptualising Iris Holidays we wanted our guests to remember us for Customer Service and the highest quality holidays that offer authentic, elegant and unique surroundings and experiences ensuring customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty. We cater only to travellers bound for Kerala & because of this narrow focus, you can expect deep, passionate and personal expertise on any holiday in Kerala or honeymoon that you book with us.


Iris Holidays won the 2014 TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence and have recently climbed up the charts of all tours being offered by tour operators in Kochi and is currently rated as No 1 among all the tours listed on TripAdvisor.We are thankful for Customer Love and for rating us as the best in TripAdvisor through their reviews in February 2015.

Ever since we started in 2008 in the port city of Kochi, it has been our aim to provide the best possible experience to our tourist guests. Each Iris holidays review enables us to know about your feedback and identify our strengths and weakness.

The Iris holidays reviews have enabled us to improve and establish ourselves as a name to reckon in the Kerala tourism industry.

The Iris holidays reviews push us to go above and beyond to become an agency that truly understands the meaning of service.

If you know more about Iris Holidays and what we stand for, please see the vision and mission listed on our About Iris Holidays Page below

Iris Holidays Private Day Tours Reviews - Kochi Cochin , Kerala Attractions - TripAdvisor

We have our own methods like guest happiness index and Kerala tour reviews with photos of actual customers that we monitor carefully every month but reviews in TripAdvisor are public and we always read all the reviews carefully.

As Iris Holidays team we always strive to dig deep ( just like we prepare our holiday packages in Kerala ) and wanted to make it an interesting and enjoyable experience for anyone who is reading it and we were curious to know what exactly is being told by all our reviewers and we created a word cloud with all the Trip Advisor Reviews.

Each and every Iris Holidays review drives us to ensure that your visit to this piece of heaven is memorable in every way.

A word cloud is a stylized way of visually representing occurrences of words used in a group like a review etc. The most popular and often repeated words are normally highlighted in a larger, bolder font. A word cloud can easily help in identifying the most popular tags within a group of words – making it easy to discern the words that are being repeatedly covered in one quick look. We used a service called to create these word clouds.

We first created a word cloud to see what customers who loved us in TripAdvisor said about us and created a word cloud in the shape of a

We know customer loves us in these TripAdvisor because of the following words which are often repeated in TripAdvisor reviews when we created the love cloud.

Iris, Good, Trip, Best, Kerala, Thank, Service, Excellent, Package, Nice, Driver, Plan, Cab, Time, Well, Room, Travel

We added more iris holidays TripAdvisor reviews and again tried creating another fun shape like a car

We know customer loves us in these TripAdvisor because of the following words which are often repeated in TripAdvisor and again these words stood out when we created the car cloud

Iris, Kerala, Trip, Place, Thank, Good, Best, Resort, Driver, Holiday, Very, Stay

We wanted to thank all our customers who reviewed us in TripAdvisor for the Customer Love and for rating us as #1  in TripAdvisor among all activities in Kochi

We request you to drop the Iris Holidays review and know your experience of travelling with us. Your Iris Holidays reviews motivate us to provide unparalleled facilities to explore God’s own country.

Move your mouse over the word cloud and check what our customers are saying about us and if you are a customer who has travelled with us please feel free to review us on TripAdvisor, Google Plus or Facebook.

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