How To Get From Thekkady To Alleppey By Air, Train & Road

Imagine riding through scenic locations or flying over picture-perfect cities! Yes, that’s exactly the kind of experience travellers get while going around in Kerala from city to city. The journey from Thekkady to Alleppey is no different! The amazing Alleppey to Thekkady tour will introduce you to the true beauty of Kerala. Filled with stunning landscapes and exciting experiences, your commute between these two cities will be an affair to remember! Besides, both the cities are well-connected to other major cities and towns across Kerala and all of South India. Now the concern you may have is – how exactly to travel between these two cities? What mode of transport to opt for? Don’t worry. We have the answers you need.

The road distance between Thekkady and Alleppey is about 142 km. At the same time, the aerial distance between these two cities is about 92 km. By road, it takes roughly about 4 hours to travel from Thekkady all the way to Alleppey. The best route for a fun road trip from Thekkady to Alappuzha is via the NH183. We have compiled for you all the information you’ll need on travelling from Thekkady to Alleppey via the different modes of transport available. Take a look and plan your trip accordingly.

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Thekkady To Alleppey By Air

The aerial Thekkady to Alleppey distance is 91 kilometers. Currently, Kerala has four operational international airports in Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi, Kozhikode, and Kannur. Each of these is located at a comfortable distance from all the major cities and towns in Kerala. While there are no direct flights available between Thekkady and Alappuzha, one can access the nearby airports to get there.

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The nearest airport to Thekkady is located in Madurai in Tamil Nadu (136 km away) while the other one is the Nedumbassery airport in Kochi (190 km away). On the other hand, the nearest airport to Alleppey is the Cochin International Airport (75 km away) and the Trivandrum International Airport (150 km away). From the airport, you can take a taxi or bus to cover the remaining distance to Alleppey.

Thekkady To Alleppey By Train

Train travel is generally an awesome way to get around India but getting from Alleppey to Thekkady is not a convenient option for this route.

There are no direct trains operating between these two cities in Kerala. However, there is still an easy way to reach Alleppey via train from Thekkady. You can get to Haripad from Thekkady by taxi and then board the Ernad Express from Haripad Station to Alappuzha. In addition, these two cities are well connected to various other cities and towns across the country via a well laid out rail network and frequently operating trains, so getting to them from any part of the nation won’t be difficult.

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Thekkady To Alleppey By Bus

The route from Alleppey to Thekkady is scenic all way from the beginning till the end. You can easily find a Thekkady to Alleppey bus to take you through those enchanting landscapes of Kerala with ease and at nominal rates. While there are fewer private buses and Volvos operating on this route, you’ll be able to find plenty of options for government-run buses. You can either take a bus from Thekkady to Kottayam or Changanassery and catch another bus to Alleppey from there. Or you can take a taxi to the Kumily bus stop located just 3 km away from Thekkady main city and board a direct bus to Alleppey.

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In both these scenarios, you’ll be able to get a seat in any of the KSRTC buses. The Kerala State Road Transport Corporation has frequent (and affordably priced) buses and Volvos running from Kumily to Alleppey at different times in the day. While it is a rather time-consuming means of getting to Alleppey from Thekkady, it is also the most economical and convenient (as compared to air, train, and can travel).

It takes roughly 4 hours to cover Thekkady to Alleppey distance. As you go from Allepey to Thekkady, you will experience the beauty of nature from backwaters to mountains.

Thekkady To Alleppey By Taxi

If you don’t mind spending extra money and want to go for convenience, travelling from Alleppey to Thekkady by taxi is a good option.

As we have mentioned before, both these cities are well connected by a smooth and properly maintained road network and NH 183 has the most apt route. In fact, if you wish to enjoy the scenic natural beauty of Kerala, a road trip from Thekkady to Alappuzha is the best option! You can either rent a car to drive the 4-hour long 142 km distance yourself, or you can hail a taxi or cab to get you there.

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You can easily get a taxi from any of the taxi services and tour operators in Thekkady at negotiable per kilometer rates. The cost of travelling from Thekkady all the way to Alleppey by a cab is normally less than INR 4,000 (this fare estimate is not inclusive of toll charges). The advantage of hiring a taxi is that you can take short breaks on the way for enjoying the scenery and also have your driver-cum-guide provide useful insights about the areas you pass along the way!

Though Thekkady to Alleppey distance via NH183 is roughly 142 kilometers, the beautiful scenery along the way will keep you intrigued.

Thekkady To Alleppey By Ferry

Remember the part where we mentioned that you can take a bus till Kottayam and then catch another from there to Alleppey? Guess what! Boarding a bus (or taking a taxi) isn’t the only option you have for travelling the 47 km distance between Kottayam and Alleppey. You can opt to take a ferry from Kottayam and enjoy the journey to Alleppey over its famous backwaters!

The ride from Alleppey to Thekkady by ferry through backwaters is a true treasure trove for nature lovers, honeymooners, leisure seekers, and other classes of visitors as well.

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There is a frequent ferry service run by the State Water Transport Department of the Kerala Government in Alleppey. Regular ferries run at specific timings to and fro Kottayam and Alleppey and the fares are quite economical. In fact, you can buy a ferry ticket from Kottayam for just INR 20. Also, the ferry service starts from as early as 4 AM in the morning and runs till 10 PM in the night here, letting locals and travellers relish the chance of sailing on the beautiful backwaters of Kerala to the fullest!

Thekkady Alleppey Sightseeing

These are two of the most famous and beautiful tourist destinations in all of Kerala. And while they’re both famous for their natural beauty, culture, food, and weather, all of these aspects are totally unique in both these cities. Thekkady is famous for the Periyar National Park and Periyar Lake where you can go boating and indulge in a chance to spot wild beasts like tigers, elephants, bears, jackals, and the Malabar Giant Squirrel.

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Alleppey, on the other hand, is famous for its peaceful and stunning backwaters. When you’re here, you can simply rent a pretty houseboat and go sailing on that narrow amber-coloured river under the canopy of swaying palms. All in all, your trip to Thekkady, followed by a journey from Thekkady to Alleppey, and then a holiday in Alleppey will be nothing less than magical!

Thekkady to Allepey sightseeing

We hope we’ve solved all your concerns regarding travelling from Thekkady to Alleppey. And now that you have all the information you need in place, are you finally ready to book your trip to Kerala? Make sure you also check out more blogs on our website pertaining to travelling between various other cities in Kerala in order to plan your itinerary more conveniently. Happy Tripping!

Frequently Asked Questions About Thekkady To Alleppey Travel

How can I go from Alleppey to Thekkady?

The road distance between Alleppey and Thekkady is about 147 km, and the aerial distance is around 92 km. There aren’t any direct flights or trains available between these two points, so you can either take a bus from Alleppey to Kumily and then to Thekkady, or you can hire a taxi to get to Thekkady. The most convenient and economical means of getting from Alappuzha to Thekkady is via taxi, and you can easily find Indica cabs in Alappuzha for the journey.

What is the best time to visit Alleppey?

The most ideal time to visit Alleppey in Kerala is the winter season, that is, between October and February. The weather at this time is at its most pleasant and the average temperature is around 33°C, making it perfect for travellers to explore the city and take a houseboat ride in the backwaters.

Is Thekkady worth visiting?

Yes, it is definitely worth a trip! It is one of the most famous destinations in Kerala for travel and is frequented by travellers year-round who end up getting smitten with its natural beauty and adventure activities like boating and wildlife sightings. Other than the Periyar National Park and Lake, Thekkady is popular for its rich spices, flavorful tea, as well as cardamom plantations.

How many days are enough for Thekkady?

A duration of 2-3 days is considered to be adequate for a trip to Thekkady. This time duration allows you to explore all its famous tourist attractions, dwell in its natural environs, and indulge in activities that make this city famous, like boating, shopping, and watching traditional Kathakali dance performances. If you wish to go trekking or hiking on the Tiger Trails in the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, you can add 1 or 2 more days to your trip.

How many days can we spend in Alleppey?

A duration of 2-3 days is sufficient for exploring and experiencing all that Alleppey has to offer. In this time, you can stay overnight in a houseboat sailing over the backwaters, get a taste of the local village life in Kerala, try the awesome Kerala cuisine, explore the beaches, as well as visit the famous tourist attractions.

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