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Sherry Dansby Interviewed : On Capturing Queer Community

I’m happy to. I was in the process of doing maintenance on my gear when my cell rang and it was David Levi, an elite socialite in the entertainment industry, he’s also a good friend of mine.  I thought he was just calling to talk about the weather RME.  But he had a red carpet event that he needed a photographer for him he could trust.  

Little did I know that event was a Grammy party hosted by the rapper P Diddy with Paris Hilton as the DJ.  After I got to the event location I was waiting with about 30 other photographers waiting outside.  About three rows back I was able to snap a quick picture of Paris (who is a really down to earth person) getting out of her car.

The other phone call I received some time later was from Ann Thomas the CEO of Transgender Talent inviting me to TransPride up in Los Angeles, CA.  She told me to bring my gear and get up to LA quickly.  It was an event hosted by CSA (Casting Society of America) I went up and shot it and headed home.  

Later that night she calls again and says “go online now” I was like why?  She said “Your photos are trending…” I was like WHAT???  She explained that my photos from the event were being used and shared by the LGBT Center in Tel Aviv Israel.  The largest LGBT Center in the middle east.

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