Huawei’s P50 Pro is a pocket powerhouse for smartphone photographers

Lens envy is every photographer’s curse. Want added glass? You could pack backup barrels in your backpack. Or you could slip Huawei’s latest flagship in your pocket: clustered across an eye-catching double-matrix array (two circles to the uninitiated), the P50 Pro packs a quartet of rear cameras. There’s a 50MP main lens, as well as a 40MP monochrome number, a 13MP ultra-wide angle and a 64MP telephoto for good measure – plus a 13MP selfie snapper front and centre. The periscope peeper delivers a whopping 200x digital zoom, while AI stabilisation uses optical and electronic anti-shake tech to keep shots sharp. Launched alongside the slightly less powerful P50, the snap-happy smartphone is the first to ship with Huawei’s HarmonyOS 2. Trade restrictions mean neither model will feature Google’s apps or services. Nor will they offer 5G connectivity. In fact, it’s not clear when or if they’ll be available outside China.

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