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Tokyo Field Notes: Wild Night at Women’s Gymnastics Team Final!

Definitely a newsworthy night as The Goat, Simone Biles, withdrew. She looked completely uncomfortable (for her) coming off her first vault, and that one run closed a chapter here in Tokyo.

Simon Biles Vault event at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

From then, it was up to her teammates to pull through, and they did, magnificently, bringing home a silver medal. The ROC team was outstanding to watch through their impeccable routines, and they took the gold.

Sunisa Lee was amazing on the balance beam for Team USA, as was Viktoriia Listunova, for ROC.

And Great Britain took the bronze. On their team there are twins Jennifer and Jessica Gadirova. You have to go back into your take to figure out which is which via their numbers! Both are amazing leapers, and wonderful to watch.

Jennifer flies.

And her sister Jessica spins in the air.

Tech notes: Excellent lens for a night like the women’s team finals is a 200-400, which is what I shot for most of the pictures. Hemmed in at one spot, you try to strategize and make one event a primary look, but be able to reach a couple others with the zoom throw. The D6 tracks amazingly well for this type of action, which if you’re not a gymnastics shooter (which I definitely am not) it can seriously take you by surprise.

News of the night aside….these athletes are just incredible to watch.

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