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Old School Photography (+ other musings) with Kai Wong

If you’ve ever looked up film and digital camera lessons on YouTube, there’s a high chance you’ve bumped into Kai Wong’s top-of-the-game photography videos or even come across one of his videos featuring yours truly + a lego camera.

Previously known for creating innovative content with a humorous bent for one of YouTube’s most subscribed photography channels, DigitalRev, Kai quit his seven-year-long association with the Media House in 2016. After stepping down as the company’s face and presenter, he started his own YouTube channel, Kai W, which now has over 67 million views and nearly 1 million subscribers worldwide.

Kai joins me on the podcast today to discuss how he made the best use of the past year, isolating (or introspecting) and writing his first book, Old School Photography: 100 Things You Must Know to Take Fantastic Film Photos.

While emulating others’ work could give you a head start for creating content or writing your book, Kai explains why being authentic in front of your audience is critical in the long run.

Some other topics we get into:

  • Kai’s expansive knowledge of camera lenses, film and gear
  • The winning tips to building a strong YouTube channel: personality-driven, casual, accessible, unique
  • From ideation to creating ingenious unscripted videos – Kai’s way
  • The timelessness of old-school photography equipment and techniques
  • Why the rewards of writing a book outweigh the challenges


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