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9 tips to Increase Instagram Followers for Photographers

3. High-Quality Content Only

Keep in mind that Instagram is a visual site, more than written content. People see an image before they can read your caption. If you don’t capture them visually, you’re not likely to get them to read the text.

High-quality content attracts attention. Poor images will not! You will want to post only your best work – the best of what you can offer clients. However, because people want to understand what they’re looking at or the story behind it, add engaging short captions or explanations. Ideally, any text should encourage interactions that are relevant to your target audience (potential clients).

One way you can do this is by asking questions. For example, ask them how they like an image or select a favorite among several. If you’re looking for venue ideas, why not ask for suggestions from your followers? People love to feel valued, and asking for their ideas does just that. 

4. Be Consistent

Your Instagram account should consistently reflect your photography style. Someone who scans your account should see your creative style through beautiful images and engaging captions. If you’re a versatile photographer shooting a wide range of genres, that should be obvious as well, but curate the images you load to Instagram very carefully.

Your profile page should be cohesive rather than clash. Some photographers achieve that “Instagram look” by posting photos that, while different, share harmonious or consistent colors, themes, or subjects. Look at your account as an organic whole, not just individual images.

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