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Nine Steps to Retouch Jewelry Photos

Step 6: Repaint the shine

There is a chance that after a photoshoot, the shine of jewelry may be less evident due to a number of reasons. Repainting a new coat of shine is one approach to restore the jewelry. You can remove the unwanted portions of the shine, such as the dull hues of the jewelry, when you repaint it.

To create a jewelry shine or sparkle effect in photoshop, start by making a copy of the Background Layer. Apply a Lens Flare Filter to the layer on the bottom. In the filter, select the spot you want to enhance and then increase the brightness. Finally, to make the shine look realistic, set the top layers blend mode to soft light.

Step 7: Adjust Hue and Saturation to change colors

Hue is the aspect of color that distinguishes it as ‘Red’ or ‘Green,’ or any other combination. Hue can be used to alter the colorization of your image when editing to alter its appearance and feel. 

The term “saturation” refers to how pure or strong a color is. When the saturation of a color is increased, it seems more bright and distinct. When the saturation of color drops, it begins to turn grey. In photo editing, saturation is crucial for determining how to colorize or decolorize your image. It enhances or detracts from the liveliness of a scene.

The resulting combination of colors and other color properties, such as saturation, is referred to as the color’s chromaticity. 

Hue and saturation work together to enhance or change the appearance of colors in a photograph. You may make it look more realistic or completely change it to communicate the message you want. 

When retouching jewelry photos, hue and saturation tools are used to change the color of metals.

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