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Exploring Hook Peninsula and the Hook Lighthouse

Like many people, while I’ve been lucky enough to travel abroad quite a bit, I haven’t actually spent much time exploring my own country of Ireland, and I’ve actually been to surprisingly little of the island. With Covid making international travel complicated and not something I particularly want to partake in right now, we recently decided to take a few days holiday in the southeast of Ireland.

We based ourselves just outside Wexford town, but made time to visit many of the sights in the surrounding area. One of the most interesting trips was to the Hook peninsula to visit the famous Hook Lighthouse.

The Hook Lighthouse is the oldest working Lighthouse in the world. It sits on the tip of a peninsula bearing the same name that juts out of the bottom of Co. Wexford in Ireland beside the combined estuary of the rivers Barrow, Nore and Suir. The lighthouse itself is over 800 years old and looks like an old castle or fort painted white. It is situated at the very tip of the head, and the surrounding coast is made up of some spectacular rock formations. 

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