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Tokyo 2020 – Surfing!

HIROTO OHARRA, 21, at the breakwater of Tsurigasaki Beach in Ichinomiya where the Olympic competition in surfing will be held. OHARA trains here daily and will compete for Japan in surfing. The sport is making its Olympic debut in 2021 as a medal event.

I photographed Hiroto last year in Japan, out on the competition beach. I’ll make the 2.5 hour trek to surfing tomorrow. Can’t wait. Long glass sport for sure, so toting an 800mm, and a 200-400. Very different from the pictures here, which are all one light portraits. Got lucky with some interesting clouds, and was fascinated by the geometry of the breakwaters.

Bad weather is coming early in the coming week, so the swells might be pretty cool for all the competitors. This of course coming from someone who has literally never been on a surfboard.

Whenever I’m lighting something, and I get clouds like this, I tend to think black and white. Court of public opinion, what do you guys think?

So, up at 3am, off to the Transit Mall, early bus to the water. As a photographer, all I can do is go see. That’s what we do. If the surf’s up, or not, we go. If the weather is inclement or excellent, we go. If the situation is wonderful or the opposite, we go. Can’t make a picture on the phone. Gotta go.

I’m looking forward to the surprises and action of this amazing sport tomorrow, in Japan.

More to come from Tokyo…..

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