Anglerfish Announces Deep Remote Imaging Tools


Anglerfish Creative Lighting has announced a range of tools that allow for deep remote camera systems. These include cable assemblies, cable splice molds, external power supplies, and fiber optic conversion housings. All components are custom made and designed, so can be built for bespoke requirements.

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Remote Camera Control Equipment

The capture of many skittish marine creatures requires remote camera systems that require careful design and implementation for the specific application. Remote camera systems allow professional footage that was previously extremely hard to capture.

Remote camera systems are also deployed by broadcasting companies to capture live underwater footage such as water sports or an annual underwater nature event.

Anglerfish Creative Lighting now offers a customized solution for a remote camera system that is compatible with any housing and camera system on the market. Turn any camera into a remote
camera! Remotely control the camera from distances up to 1km.
These products include bulkheads, bulkhead adaptors, and underwater cable assemblies that allow users to supply power and control signals to the remote camera as well as receive 4k to 8k video signals.


All our cables are custom designed from the ground up. They are true underwater cables with a depth rating of up to 11km. The outer jacket is +1.5mm thick and is made up of polyurethane resin to withstand the harshest environments. The cables consist of solid core and gel-filled voids that eliminate
all dead space inside the cable core. This prevents the cable from collapsing under underwater pressure.

Cables, cable connectors, and bulkheads can be customized for use on ROVs, deep submarines, drop cameras, remote cameras
requiring camera control and high-definition video streaming.

We offer the following cables assemblies which can be supplied in 10m, 30m, 60m and can also be customized according to your

  • Copper HDMI 2.0, up to 9-18 Gbit video data (4k, 30hz, 4:2:2, 8-bit and higher) maximum length 10-15m
  • Fiber Optic HDMI 2.0, up to 18 Gbit (4k, 60hz, 4:4:4, 10-bit) no length restrictions, Steel Armoured 2mm thick PUR Jacket
  • Fiber optic HDMI 2.1 up to 52 Gbit (8k, 120-240hz, 4:4:4, 16-bit) no length restrictions, Steel Armoured 2mm thick PUR Jacket Fiber
  • Cat 7 and Cat 6 Ethernet cable, compatible with POE+
  • CANbus + Power cable power cable can also be used for high-speed signal up to 4 Gbit
  • Low loss Single Twisted pair with drain wire for power and data transmission, compatible with PLE (power line ethernet)
  • RF Microwave signal + power for transmitting both power and Wifi/Bluetooth protocols
  • SDI 3G video signal, the cable can also be used with Genlock In and Camera Time Code In/Out

Underwater CANbus Cable
PLE Hight Speed Cable
Underwater POE Cat7 Cable
RF Wireless/Bluetooth Hight Speed Cable
Custom High Speed, High Pressure Underwater Cable Connector
Matching Bulkhead (Right)


Anglerfish Creative Lighting also offers custom underwater cable splice molds and over-mold for most demanding cable assemblies used for underwater high-speed video streaming.


Many remote camera systems operate for prolong periods which requires a dedicated high-capacity power supply. The power supply could be a surface supplier or local to the camera. For
remote camera external power supply, we offer a custom design power supply regulator which allows any high DC voltage (60-
20VDC) to be transmitted to the remote camera. The higher DC voltage allows fewer power losses in the transmission line
at the same time allows for any battery voltage to be used for the power supply.

The device is placed inside the housing and will regulate the voltage to the desired value (5-32VDC) according to user requirements. The circuit features excellent efficiency of up to 97% (which means less heat generation). It
is designed with a soft start feature to prevent power surges and protects the camera from overvoltage.


Many high-speed signals require fiber optics to transmit signals
over long distances. We also supply housing and electronics
which will take the signal from the camera and convert it to fiber optics for long-distance communication.


If you have a need for a professional remote camera setup. Please contact us at we will be happy to provide support on your production.

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