Carpet texture Silicone long FUR for sugar paste & Almond Cake

Ideal for cake designer Texture mat “long fur” dog, cat, lion, bear, etc… This will allow you to realize your wildest cakes projects! Make a real animal cake. Flexible, ultra resistant and for multiple use, these products have been designed by the renowned designers cake to meet your needs and your desires. The reasons and details are stunning and attest to the high quality of the brand. The depth of the cavities allow you to get a real 3d sets. And to top it off, the design was thought to an easy ultra release also Operating tips: this texture mat for use with the dough in sugar, the gumpaste or playdough and much more. Cleaning: clean the mold in warm water, rinse and dry in the open air The mold dimensions: 15.5 x 10 cm, blue Hand or machine wash

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