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9 Ice Cream Hotspots to Try in Dallas

As the dog days of summer drag on, finding a fun and delicious way to find relief from the heat and humidity climbs higher and higher on our to-do lists. While Blue Bell may still be king, there’s still plenty of room in our hearts (and stomachs) for these ice cream hotspots that you absolutely have to try.

The Gelato Cone – Far North Dallas

We didn’t look this up, but we’re pretty sure Gelato is Italian for “Oh wow, that’s delicious!” Featuring rich flavors like pistachio and Ferrero Rocher, the Gelato Cone is sure to satisfy your European sweet tooth.

Howdy’s Homemade Ice Cream – North Dallas

Home to the famous Dr. Pepper Chocolate Chip ice cream, Howdy’s does more than provide fantastic ice cream. They also provide employment opportunities for individuals with special needs. That’s an extra sweet deal!

Cauldron Ice Cream – Knox / Henderson

If you’ve ever thought of ice cream as a work of art, Cauldron is the place for you. Each scoop is shaped to resemble a rose and placed carefully in a fluffy, puffle cone. Do yourself a favor and order the signature Cauldron – cinnamon vanilla ice cream with Oreo cookie crumbles.

Pure Milk & Honey – Mockingbird Station

The soft serve at Pure Milk & Honey is just that – a perfect combination of milk and honey. While they only have four signature flavors to choose from, including the floral-inspired honey lavender, you can add a variety of delectable toppings including – you guessed it – honeycomb.

Paleta Mia – East Dallas

Paletas are more than just a Mexican popsicle. They’re filled with fresh natural fruits and nuts and Paleta Mia has been providing mouth-watering treats since 1959. Of course, if you’re looking for something a little heartier, sink your spoon into the Vazo de Charu.

Baldo’s Ice Cream – Park Cities

Located just west of SMU, Baldo’s hidden gem is the affogato – a scoop of ice cream paired with a shot of hot espresso. However, if you’re a traditionalist and can’t decide on a flavor order the Ice Cream Flight – three or six waffle cones each topped with a scoop of your choosing.

Azucar Ice Cream – Bishop Arts

Inspired by Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood, Azucar creates ice cream flavors that showcase subtropical flavors like guava, mango and mamey. Indulge in the rich Abuela Maria, Willy Cherino or Cuatro Leches and experience ice cream just like Abuela used to make.

Picolé Pop – Deep Ellum

These aren’t your grandparents’ popsicles. The Brazilian-inspired Picolé is known for pushing boundaries with their collection of alcohol-infused pops like the Lime Margarita and Tequila Sunrise. But don’t let that keep you from bringing the whole family down to try any number of their seasonal or limited-edition favorites like Cucumber Lime with chamoy and Tajín. 

Creamistry – Lower Greenville

Talk about a science experiment gone right! Each scoop your order at Creamistry is made to order as they literally freeze it in front of you using liquid nitrogen. Celebrate some weird science with the Party Animal, Cookie Monster and the Quantum Coffee.

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