Trivia Night in Huntington Beach

It’s time to round up a crew of your friends and family for some bar trivia in Huntington Beach. Test your knowledge on the weirdest and best facts in the world while enjoying delicious beer and food surrounded by the ones you love. Trivia isn’t about how much you know, or even about winning. It’s about showing up and having fun. It’s about finding a unique way to experience Surf City USA, meeting new people, and drinking and eating so much that you forget to play the final round. Even though the only thing at stake is a gift card, Huntington Beach trivia night crowds get more fired up about a trivia game than sporting events, making it one of the best ways to immerse yourself into the Huntington Beach community. And if you pay attention, you might even learn a few things. Like how in 1991 Huntington Beach officially adopted the Surf City USA nickname. After all, what else are you doing Wednesday evenings anyway? 

Cruisers Pizza Bar Grill

Cruisers Trivia Night

Full of random knowledge that you think is completely useless? Nothing is “useless knowledge” when it comes to trivia at Cruisers Pizza Bar Grill located in downtown Huntington Beach. Join Cruisers Pizza Bar Grill every Wednesday from 6 PM to 10 PM. It’s free to play with tons of prizes for the winners. 

Four Sons Brewing

Four Sons Brewery in Huntington Beach

Trivia is the perfect, pressure-free way to get to know coworkers, casual acquaintances, or even a date in a relaxed setting. Four Sons Brewing has trivia night every Wednesday from 6 PM to 9 PM. Sip on delicious local Huntington Beach beer while testing your trivia skills at Four Sons Brewing. 

HB Hot by Four Sons Brewing

Trivia Night at HB Hot in Bella Terra

Enjoy Trivia Night at HB Hot located in Bella Terra every Wednesday night from 6PM to 8 PM. Indulge in spicy hot chicken sandwiches with unique flavors with top notch spice levels with delicious Four Sons Brewing beer. 

Riip Beer Company

RIIP Beer Co in Huntington Beach

Enjoy Trivia Night every Wednesday night at 7 PM at Riip Beer Company while sipping on a delicious beer and striving to win their prizes. 1st place is a $40 gift card, 2nd place is a $30 gift card and 3rd place is a $20 gift card. 

Santa Maria BBQ

Santa Maria BBQ. Image of Fries and BBQ.

The air of competition between teams at Santa Maria BBQ Trivia Night often leads to friendly banter, giving you a pretext for meeting new people, and it’s not uncommon for two smaller teams to join forces. Every Wednesday starting at 7 PM, enjoy Trivia Night with delicious food and drinks. Admission is free and prizes are given away. 

Laguna Beach Beer Company 

Laguna Beach Brewing Company

The amount of socialization and competition at Laguna Beach Beer Company Trivia Night is extremely fun. Located in Bella Terra, enjoy delicious beer and Trivia Night every Wednesday from 6 PM – 8 PM. 


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