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Are you a film or digital photographer? This quiz will give you the answer.

Have you been wondering if you are meant to be a film or digital photographer? Maybe you’ve been shooting on digital your whole life, and now you want to know if you could cut it in the 35mm world. Or perhaps you’re an old analogue soul who’s interested in trying out this whole newfangled mirrorless scene.

Either way, you’re in luck! We’ve got the answers you’ve been searching for. Use this quick, quirky quiz below as your personal Sorting Hat to discover whether you belong to the House of Digital, the House of Film, or, perhaps, both.

Let’s get started… Good luck!

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Question One 

How much are you willing to invest in your chosen photographic style when starting out? 

a. I am willing to invest the money necessary for achieving my desired image quality.

b. I would prefer to spend less of a lump sum initially but still want to create beautiful images.

c. I am fine with an initial startup cost and would have some money to throw towards my shoots every month.

Question Two

Would you say that you are patient?

a. No

b. Yes

c. Sometimes

Question Three

How would your friends describe you and your work?

a. They’d say I’m a creative who likes to use the latest and greatest tech in my workflow.

b. They’d say I’m kind of a hipster who hankers after a bygone era and likes to stand out from the crowd in any way I can.

c. They’d say I like to blend modern and retro elements together to create my own unique form of expression.

Question Four

What is your preferred shooting style?

a. I am very spontaneous and shoot loosely, allowing myself to explore many different shots.

b. I am extremely methodical and structured in my approach. Even when I notice a new angle, I prefer to not shoot excessively.

c. I can be both structured and spontaneous, but I err on the side of moderation to avoid the slog of going through hundreds of images in post.

Question Five

Which image really appeals to you?

a. Photo by @ninazomolong

film or digital photographer: digital image

b. Photo by @taunvisser

film or digital photographer: film image

c. They’re both incredible!

Question Six

How quickly do you like to shoot?

a. I tend to be a trigger-happy rapid snapper.

b. I prefer my shoots to be a meditative, slow-paced experience.

c. Either, it depends on the circumstances.

Question Seven

What inspires you to shoot?

a. The actual process of shooting, editing and crafting my images.

b. The surprise of seeing how my images come out.

c. All of the above sounds super inspiring to me.

Question Eight

Does having the latest equipment and keeping up with technological trends matter to you?

a. Yes, I’m a serious gearhead.

b. No, I care more about the experience of shooting and my end result than the gear I’m using.

c. I like new tech, but I can shoot and produce good images on any camera.

Question nine

How much maintenance are you willing to deal with?

a. I want the camera I invest in to work properly, with no issues, and minimal upkeep required.

b. I am willing to put up with issues and regular maintenance as long it keeps my gear in working condition in the long run.

c. If something needs to be fixed I will fix it, but I would prefer to have a pristine camera from the time of purchasing. 

Question Ten

After shooting has wrapped, what part of your workflow do you enjoy most?

a. Putting my photos through post-production and editing them to look exactly how I want them to be.

b. I enjoy posting my images straight to social media as they came out of camera.

c. I enjoy editing, but I don’t necessarily edit every photo I take.

Question Eleven

What photographic genres do you predominantly explore?

a. Sport, action, adventure, wildlife and bird photography.

b. Fashion, portraiture, lifestyle, street and documentary photography.

c. I’m really versatile and I like to do a bit of everything.

Question Twelve

What part of the photographic process makes you feel connected to the images you create?

a. The post production, i.e. the editing process, is where I really connect with my work.

b. The process of capturing the shots and then the surprise of seeing how they come out is what really makes me value my work.

c. From conceptualisation all the way to final execution, the whole creation process makes me feel connected to my images.

Drum roll please…

Time to find out if you are destined to be a film or digital photographer!

If you got mostly A’s…

…you are meant to be a digital photographer! You gravitate towards a practical, modern, and technologically involved approach to the photographic medium. It is important for you to see the images you are producing as you are shooting so you don’t encounter any nasty surprises later down the line. You thoroughly enjoy the post-production process and manipulating your images until they come out just right. You like gear, and all the advantages that come with current technology. Go out and get snapping on your DSLR or mirrorless camera!

If you got mostly B’s…

…you are meant to be a film photographer! You get the benefits of this whole digital situation, but honestly, what can possibly compare to the deliberate, intentional process of shooting on film, and then the surprise of seeing how your images turn out? You enjoy the challenge that comes with working on an older technology set and love the retro, nostalgic qualities that analogue brings to your work and personal aesthetic. Now, get out there and make some 35mm magic!

If you got mostly C’s…

…surprise, surprise! You can be a film or digital photographer. You’re a versatile, varied creative who likes to mix things up. You enjoy the benefits and end results of both the analogue and digital mediums, and you’re an expert at choosing which device will get you the better outcome for the given application. Experiment, and have fun!

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