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Check Engine Light On in Tempe Arizona?

Every year our cars are getting more powerful, more miles per gallon, and more technology. Under the hood your car is also getting more complicated. Where old electrical and mechanical systems used to move you, new computer systems are faster and more accurate than ever before.

Of course, just like everything else, car parts wear out, and the only way your car can let you know something is wrong is with the check engine light or service engine soon light. Even if your vehicle seems to be running fine, driving around with the check engine light on is not a good idea. Your vehicle could be experiencing an internal failure, about to experience a failure or could be getting very poor fuel mileage.

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Aside from storing diagnostic trouble codes, which a good auto diagnostic technician will use to start his investigation, the vehicles computer system has picked up on a problem. It will generally turn the Service Engine Soon light on (also known as the Check Engine Light) which usually indicates the engine or one of its connected systems is experiencing a failure. If continued to drive, the car can place itself in “limp-mode”. In limp mode, the engine runs, but you’ll notice it doesn’t deliver the performance or fuel economy you’re accustomed to. It’s just enough power to get you home or to a service garage.

Depending on the failure, driving around with the check engine light flashing is not recommended. This potentially indicates the fault could be causing expensive collateral damage particularly to the catalytic converters, which are very expensive to replace.

Reliable Check Engine Light Repair in Phoenix AZ

If the check engine light, also called the malfunction indicator lamp or service engine soon light, comes on while you’re driving. Make an appointment as soon as possible to have it diagnosed and repaired. In the greater Phoenix area, in Tempe near Chandler, Elite Auto Repair’s technicians use the latest in auto diagnostic technology to determine exactly why the check engine light is illuminated. It might be something simple, like a broken wire, or something more complex, like a faulty sensor. This isn’t something any code reader or internet mechanic can tell you, not even this webpage.

For the best check engine light diagnosis and repair, Elite Auto Repair has the right tools, parts, and technicians. Locating reliable auto repair is easy! Stop by Elite Auto Repair, 8139 S. Priest Drive, Ste 108, Tempe, AZ, reach us by phone, 480-787-0559, or book an appointment online.

How Does Elite Auto Repair Correct Service Engine Soon Light Repair?

An experienced technician, using reliable testing methods, can narrow down the fault for an efficient repair, fixing it right the first time. Once the repairs are completed and the codes are cleared, you’ll get your car back just the way it was built: efficient and reliable.

Diagnostic and testing check engine light

Diagnostic and testing check engine light

For many of our neighbors in the Phoenix, Chandler and Tempe area, the check engine light might seem like a mystery. After all, not everyone can be an auto repair technician, but you don’t have to be stumped by the service engine soon light. Elite Auto Repair says, “We can fix that,” including the check engine light, service engine soon light, or even the check engine light flashing. What other reason do you need to book an appointment so we can fix your check engine light?


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