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Thoughts on the new Nikon Zfc

The obvious comparison to this camera will undoubtedly be Fuji’s X series. However, personally I would much prefer this to any of Fuji’s current line up, especially their comparatively priced cameras. While I know this is heresy to some fuji shooters, there are several reasons for this. For a start, you wouldn’t have to deal with the idiosyncrasies of the X-Trans sensor. I say this as someone who has written volumes on this subject and how to deal with it. Secondly, and this is the bigger reason, you have an upgrade path when it comes to lenses and camera bodies. With Fuji, you will always be stuck with their APS-C lenses and cameras. If you want to upgrade, their GFX system is completely different, and it means having a whole different system with different lenses.

With this, you could start with the camera, and then buy some full frame lenses if you want. Then when you want to upgrade the camera you can, and you don’t have to start over with a whole new system.

While some people have commented on the lack of lenses, you also have access to all of Nikon’s long history of F series lenses with the FTZ adaptor, including some classic manual lenses.

Now, just in case it wasn’t obvious, but I’m just talking about “for me” here. I’m not trying to convince any Fuji shooters out there that this is a better option for you. I’m just talking about my personal preference. “You do you”, as the phrase goes.

Some people have also commented that the 20mp camera is too low to compare against 24mp or 26mp cameras from other manufacturers. Really? I doubt anyone would actually notice the difference. The sensor in this is well regarded, and any images I’ve seen shot with it look great. Even straight out of the camera Jpegs look great, and in my opinion (get your pitchforks ready) are as good or better than Fuji Jpegs.

This has high potential for Nikon if they don’t screw it up, and capitalise on it. I guess it will be a chicken and egg situation for them. If this is a success, we may see more lenses styled to match the system. Some people might wait to see what Nikon does when it comes to lenses, but Nikon may well wait to see if this is successful before committing to more lenses. Like I said, chicken and egg. Of course if they wanted to solve this problem quickly, just open up the Z-mount to third parties.

What I would love to see is a Z mount version of the Nikon 35mm f1.8 DX lens (this was a great lens) and a 23/24mm z mount inexpensive prime. That and a 2.8 DX standard zoom. And something like the 10-20mm from the F series.

Speaking of lenses I can’t wait till someone puts the Noct on this. It will either look absolutely ridiculous or seriously awesome !!!

Anyway, whatever your view on this is, it’s a fine looking camera and I would definitely consider getting one as my next street camera. Who knows, maybe street photo diary might even make a comeback! For now, it’s good to see Nikon generating some positive commentary for a change. There’s been a lot of pontificating about Nikon’s imminent demise lately, and while this was mostly hot air from certain you tubers I would hate to see Nikon fail, as a long time Nikon user. I still love my D700 even though its starting to show its age.

Just make a full frame version of this Nikon and you’re golden. And more lenses. Always more lenses.

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