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‘Yellow’ Competition Winners

Here are the winners of our ‘Yellow’ photography competition.

This competition certainly showed the creativity of our members! The theme ‘Yellow’ resulted in a huge variety of images from products to portraits and from reportage to landscapes, all showing a great level of technical ability but only three could be chosen as winners.

The winner of this month’s competition will receive a Karl Taylor Professional Filter Kit (valued at $950) with second and third prize winning a Lee Filters Big Stopper and Karl Taylor Colour Effects & Technical Gel Packs respectively.

The winner of the Karl Taylor Professional Filter kit is…

1st Prize

Image by Alessandra Centanni

Photography competition prize

1st Place – Alessandra Centanni

This wonderful still life by Alessandra is proof that not all photos need complex setups. Here in this still life study two ‘paired’ pears grounded in a high contrast shadow and using harsh light work so well to form a simple piece of photographic art. The high detail and controlled specular highlights along with the pastel yellow background and complimenting pears all just ‘work’, even though they shouldn’t. Often photographers avoid harsh lighting but as demonstrated here if it is controlled carefully the results can be fascinating.

2nd Prize

Image by Christin Snyders

Photography competition prize

2nd Place – Christin Snyders

This beautifully composed and exposed beauty portrait epitomises the theme yellow with the bold vibrant make up and clothes. The hands are been controlled well in their positioning to form a flattering pose. The retouching of the skin is well executed although I would have chosen to burn the sides of the hands facing towards camera just a little more, giving slightly more prominence to the face. What I love most though is the compact choice of framing that really draws the viewer into the shot creating a high impact result.

3rd Prize

Image by Julia Wharington

Photography competition prize

3rd Place – Julia Wharington

A stunningly executed product shot that sits nicely in the theme of yellow. The delicate background bokeh and fairy lights just make you want to be there and contrast beautifully against the broader softer gradient lighting on the side of the glasses and liquid. A few simple props provide just the right amount of occlusion for depth of field.

Highly Commended

With the final decision being such as tough one, it is worth highlighting a few of the other great entries we received.

Image by Albert Palenzuela

Albert Palenzuela

Albert produced an excellent reportage style shot of a man tending to his fishing nets but the yellow wasn’t quite significant enough for the image to place higher.

Image by Luiz Erazo

Luiz Erazo

Luiz’s whisky shot is a brilliantly executed product shot and almost hits the mark for an advertising standard result. However it seems slightly unlikely that a brand would opt for such a vivid yellow to offset their bottle but the bottle itself is certainly lit extremely well.

Image by Jess Moore

Jess Moore

Jess certainly hit yellow on the head with this shot but the overall arrangement wasn’t quite strong enough compositionally to earn further marks. The lower contrast supporting cast served well to elevate the higher contrast hero in the centre. A little more attention was needed to the retouching of the berries which are a slightly ‘rough around the edges’ for such an overall stylised image.

Would you like the chance to win?

Broncolor Siros Lighting Kit

Our Next Competition Closes 30th September 2021

Theme: Patterns

  • First Prize: Karl Taylor Professional Filter Kit (Value $950)
  • Second prize: Lee Lee Filters The Super Stopper (value $127)
  • Third prize: Karl Taylor Colour Effects & Technical Gel Pack (Value $86)

To find out more and enter visit our photography competitions page 

Good Luck! 🙂

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