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Fire Safety in Leavenworth

Extinguish those Campfires

If you are staying in an approved campsite for campfires, never, ever leave your campfire unattended! When you are preparing to leave, it is a great idea to have tools at the ready to properly extinguish your campfire like water buckets and a shovel. When extinguishing your fire, let it burn down to ash, then pour lots and lots of water on it, so much so that there are no embers at all. Stir it well with a shovel making sure to douse any hot spots. If it is too hot to touch, then it is too hot to leave it!

Fireworks are Illegal

Fireworks and forests are a tragic combination, and they are illegal in the Leavenworth city limits and in Chelan County (including all public lands). And yes, even on the 4th of July they are still illegal! If you want to see a sanctioned and safe 4th of July fireworks celebration, our neighbors in Wenatchee throw a great show, click here for more info.

Avoid Driving off the Roadway

Believe it or not, your car can get hot enough underneath to spark a wildfire. Keep to the roads, avoid parking in dry grassy areas and make sure that you are not dragging anything from under or behind your car that can ignite a spark.

Dispose Properly

All flammable material should be disposed properly, that includes cigarettes and matches! Please do not toss cigarettes out your window or on the ground. Never dispose of cigarettes or matches in a bag of garbage while they are still hot, it is always best to be overly cautious!

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