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Happy Summer Solstice/ International Day of Yoga/ National Indigenous Peoples Day

Today is a beautiful day full of multiple celebrations and I felt called to write a quick post to share some of the ways that I am celebrating and educating myself today, all of which can be shared with your kiddos!

Summer solstice is a time of deep reflection, all about recognizing both our inner and outer light.  For the summer solstice, along with just simply spending time outside on this beautiful sunny day, I had an awesome afternoon of creating flower crowns with my niece and nephew. This is a super fun and fairly simple craft that combines nature and art to create an gorgeous reflection of the earth and sun. PLUS, it’s impossible to put one on and not feel your inner light expanding outward. To learn how to make your own, check out the link here. We used dollar store materials and it was so fun!

Another way you can celebrate is by joining us for our Rainbow walk, nature madala and family yoga in the park event happening on July 3 from 9-10:15am at the Wolf Willow Stairs. Register by donation here


My nephew did not want to be in the picture.


Nature Mandala 2017

Now a lot of people don’t realize this but yoga in it’s truest form is simply a meditative practice. The Monks would sit for hours and hours on concrete, breathing and meditating. The physical poses of yoga (asana) didn’t come until much later to help the Monks fight inertia and were actually derived from Icelandic Gymnastics. Pretty crazy right? What this tells me is a couple of things… 1. The physical poses aren’t as ancient as one might think and therefore can continue to be created and adjusted to fit our bodies AND 2. It makes me feel less bad for not being able to get into all the poses but I am no gymnast… nor is that something I aspire to be. ANYWAY, I love telling people about this and then spend time creating NEW yoga poses. So on
this International day of yoga, I urge you to break the mold and spend some time creating something new with your kiddos. Don’t forget to name your poses.

Finally, for National Indigenous Peoples Day, I spent a good portion of my day, and the previous months, learning more about Indigenous culture and ways that I can be an ally and support the people and communities in my area. I’d love to share with you some of the ways that I show my support and encourage you to do the same. For more information on ways to support click the link here

1. Speak up. If you witness unfair or biased treatment taking place inside of your workplace, one of the most effective things you can do is to speak up. Prejudice and racism are learned behaviors; therefore they can be unlearned.

2. Share your resources. Each of us has resources and opportunities we can share to help others. We can look no further than our vast networks to understand our abundance of assets. Research indicates that 85% of open positions are filled through networking. Sharing our networks with others can be an instrumental mechanism for deconstructing oppressive systems.

3. Amplification. Each of us can amplify the voices of the marginalized through a number of different methods. When you read a story from someone who is of a different background than you, reshare, repost or like that story—share their story with your audience.

4. Show your support. One of the best ways to impact oppressive systems is by providing those in marginalized communities with your tangible support. This could be monetary or could involve our time. Purchasing products or services from founders of color can make a huge difference.

Comment below the ways you are celebrating today- we would love to hear from you!



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