Capture One coming to iPad

Hot on the heels of the recently released version of Capture One for Apple Silicon Macs, the company announced on Friday that an iPad version is in the works.

They made the announcement late last week through social media, but they haven’t released any details yet, other than a time frame of sometime in early 2022. This isn’t really supervising as people have been calling for this for a while and chatter has picked up considerably since the release of the M1 version of the application.

While there are no real details at present, there are lots of questions. Will it be a full version (probably) ? Will it be cut down in any way? Will they offer some kind of syncing service? Will they allow tethering?

I think the last question could be a big deal for studio shooters. The ability to tether to an iPad would be a great resource on a busy studio shoot, being a lot more portable than a laptop, and offering a great screen on the current iPad Pros this could be a big deal for some photographers. If you were a landscape photographer out in the field shooting on a phase one medium format back, being able to tether right into an iPad Pro could be really useful. Even for us “mere mortal” photographers, it would be nice to have the option to be able to use Capture One on an iPad and not have to bring a laptop with you when travelling.

When they released the M1 version, Capture One made a point of the work they put in bringing the codebase up to current standards, including porting he acceleration from OpenCl to metal. An iPad version is a logical extension of this. I can’t wait to try this when it’s released next year.

Now to save up for an iPad Pro!

If you don’t already have Capture One, you can download a 30 day trial now from the company’s website. If you do go to buy it, Capture One Pro is available in both subscription and perpetual licences available, in versions for all cameras, Fuji specific , Sony specific or Nikon specific. The Fuji, Sony and Nikon versions only open raw files from cameras of the respective manufacturers, but other than that, they are identical to the full version.

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