Explore The World With Me

I am, before I am anything else—a teacher, writer, safari guide, etc.—a photographer. I hunger to see the world, and not only to see it but to experience it. To explore it and participate in its mysteries. And to share those glimpses with you in the hopes that they’ll stir something in you, perhaps a desire for adventures of your own, or empathy, curiosity, perhaps an impulse to protect what, or whom, you know to be beautiful.

I’d like to invite you to share these experiences with me, as best we can in the still image, through my online galleries HERE.

Right now there are seven galleries representing some of my more recent explorations, and those that have most fascinated me over the years.

Join me, through these images, in British Columbia’s Great Bear Rain Forest, and swim beside sharks and whales below the surface of the world’s oceans. Spend time with the pilgrims of Ethiopia’s Lalibela, the shepherds of Lesotho, or the nomads of Kenya’s arid north, and in Bhārata and La Serenissima discover India and Venice with me.

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