Break Out of Creative Ruts

How do you break out of creative ruts? On today’s episode I take a question from Aaron, who feels uninspired and unable to progress as a photographer.

My answer, applicable to any problem or craft, comes in two separate parts. First, personal style: the number one challenge I see with portfolio reviews is a lack of a consistent theme and vision in the work. Developing a distinct personal style is the foundation of what this question is all about. Keep doing it, evolve it, refine it, but make sure you maintain a consistent thread.

Secondly, there are two types of creative ruts. One is the micro rut. You’re stuck on a single problem- a photo, design, piece of music. The macro rut is the big picture. “I’m creatively empty, I haven’t gotten any work in a long time, I don’t feel inspired. “One solution I’ve relied on is having multiple projects going at once. If I’m stuck on one, I can pick up another.

We’ve all banged our heads at the wall to try and force the solution, but what if we tried letting go? You can change your mind state, change your physical state, take a few deeps breaths, a walk, eat some food or whatever it takes to let the project go so you can give yourself a chance to came back with a subtly new perspective.

All this and a ton more in today’s show. Enjoy!

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