The Real Cost of Your Dream Life with Rachel Rodgers

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Think of that ONE dream you’ve always imagined materializing. Are you getting closer to it every day? Or do you keep yourself from committing to it for fear of failure?

Bestselling author, coach, visionary, and guest for today’s episode, Rachel Rodgers, shares her story, and how she built her multi-million dollar business, Hello Seven, after becoming a lawyer, working for state and federal judges, non-profits, and even Hillary Clinton. Rachel has been featured in global publications including, TIME, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, and The Washington Post.

A humble upbringing, practicality in thinking, and a strong numbers game helped Rachel sky-rocket her targets and create the life of her dreams. In this episode, we dig into Rachel’s bestselling book, We Should All Be Millionaires, and the most significant lessons learned along the journey.

In this episode we get into:

  • How a realistic approach to money allows you re-think what is possible financially
  • Financial freedom for women and other marginalized communities who are most often disproportionately affected in society
  • Rejecting the idea of too much or too little and advancing in your path
  • Getting over the fear of disappointment by building courage and turning the impossible into possible
  • The actionable steps to growing your net worth quickly and practically
  • Why taking care and investing in yourself could be a life-changing step
  • The What-Should-Action-Body-More (WSABM) framework to success
  • Choosing the right people to be around to go further in life


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