A Fixed Point in Space Over Time: Photo Shoot with Ballet Dancer Kristie Latham Zurmehly

In my art my go-to techniques all center around the passage of time. Take this shoot with Kristie, for example. I made long exposures and multiple exposures in order to observe how she moved through a fixed point in space over time, which I otherwise wouldn’t be able to see with my naked eye.

This made me realize just how much I think about time. I consider the events that might’ve happened in one particular place over the course of 100, 1,000, or 1,000,000 years. I begin to feel a weight bearing down on me as I meditate on the randomness of when and where our lives happen to play out on the great timeline of existence. Then my thoughts often drift to old trees and I consider how fleeting and insignificant our lives must appear to them. I think about all the things that they might’ve witnessed and I give myself permission to, like them, surrender to the winds around me.

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