What is Time?

I did some more time explorations in my latest shoot with Katy. I began with the same technique I explored in my last session, shooting long exposures with multi-strobing lights. I especially enjoy how the sparkly texture of her top catches the light, layers up, and turns into a galaxy.

For the next set we headed outdoors. I used a variable ND filter so I could shoot at 1/13 of a second and not overexpose the images. Then I set up two, red-gelled Godox AD200 flashes side by side at full power so I got 400 watt seconds out of my light. This allowed me to move my camera up and down during the long exposure which blured the environment, while the flash froze anything it lit.

For the last set we headed back inside and shot some warped mylar refections with my fungus-filled lens. I still can’t get over the atmosphere that the fungus creates.

If you want to learn more about the way I shoot make sure to check out my books and my video tutorials.

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