Remember Why You Started

Seems like the more I listen, the more I hear people talking about the gear, the business of what we’re doing, the widgets. Let us not forget the simple love of what we do.

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I understand why there’s so much rhetoric in our industry. There is the common stereotype that most creative people aren’t good business people. There is fear. Something like gear, tools and tactics are easier to talk about than vision. In photography, for example, exposures are exact, the camera dials have numbers. There is a ‘right’ answer to many of these questions.

But where is your love of what we’re actually doing? Often when we’re in the grind of what we’re doing – that messy middle that can sometimes feel like a slog and you question why you’re even doing it in the first place – it’s good to reconnect with that love. It’s good to remember why you started.

So how do we reconnect with that love? Well, think back to when you started and you were sponge, devouring everything as you were trying to learn, the practicing and experimenting. Maybe you were active in your community or spent hours on personal projects.

These can be clues, and actions you can take to just get lost in.

It’s different for all of us, but when you can take a break from all the chatter, remind yourself–as often as you can–why you love it.


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