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Abstract Photography by Castro Frank

Ethereal, Castro Frank’s first collection of abstract photography provides a dramatic approach to street photography.

Los Angeles-based visual artist Castro Frank just released his first collection of abstract photography titled ‘Ethereal’. Shot on 35mm film, his textured abstract photographs immerse the viewer into rich colors induced by light exposures. These images are explorations of psychological and emotional states of mind.

“2020 was a tough year for us all, and I am grateful that amid the midst of chaos and uncertainty, I was able to create a new body of work that is a reflection of myself and the emotions I lived through,” says Castro, “Experiencing unprecedented emotions can be evolving for us artists; a chance to explore and create something passionate and unfamiliar.”

Abstract photography by Castro Frank.
Abstract photography by Castro Frank.

All images © by Castro Frank. Do not hesitate to browse through our Art and Photography sections to find more inspiring work.

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