Boat Airdopes 441 True Wireless Earphones Review

Boat Airdopes 441


. The Boat Airdopes 441 is priced at Rs. 2,499 in  India 
. The earphones
are tuned for powerful bass 
. The charging case has a USB Type-C port

Indian producer Boat is among the pioneers in the reasonable sound item space, utilizing on the web deals to rapidly incorporate itself into a place of strength. Notwithstanding, the once to a great extent dissipated portion is presently confronting solidification because of brands like Xiaomi, Realme, and Oppo, and has been compelled to develop recently. Today, we’re checking on an item from Boat that desires to prevail upon purchasers with premium highlights.

The moderate genuine remote sound portion was, till as of late, the area of little and specific brands. Valued at Rs. 2,499, the Boat Airdopes 441 is an element filled new headset that guarantees a great deal at an entirely sensible cost, including IPX6 water opposition and USB Type-C charging. Is there additional to this match of genuine remote headphones several feature commendable highlights? Discover in our audit of the Boat Airdopes 441.

Essential, spending plan amicable plan on the Boat Airdopes 441 

Spending genuine remote headphones will in general be made of plastic, so this wasn’t unexpected for me on the Boat Airdopes 441. In any case, very little exertion went into the completing of the headphones, and I discovered them to look very conventional. The Airdopes 441 looks altogether too easy, in any event, at the cost. The dull completion on the headphones was especially helpless to grime, and it didn’t take excessively long for them to look somewhat old and worn despite the fact that our audit unit was pristine.

The Boat Airdopes 441 is accessible in five tones, with the base being dark on every one of them. The logos on the headphones and case, and the inward piece of the charging case come in various tones, and the red variation I got looked respectable, if only a tad excessively splendid. The ear tips and wings are additionally shaded. The headphones are IPX6 appraised for water opposition, and will actually want to take a considerable measure of openness to water, making them reasonable for a wide range of outside and wellness use. 

I tracked down the attack of the headphones altogether too close, with the wings getting awkward after around 30-40 minutes of utilization. Luckily, the wings are removable, and the headphones are light enough that they remained set up in my ears even without the wings in ordinary use. On the off chance that you utilize the headphones while running or working out, you may require the wings for a protected fit.

The external piece of every headphone is a touch touchy zone. It’s feasible to control playback (single-tap), answer calls (single-tap when the telephone is ringing), jump to the following or past track (twofold tap on the left for past track, on the privilege for next track) and conjure the voice partner (long-press on one or the other side) on your telephone. These signals are preset and non-customisable. Volume can’t be controlled from the headphones, and must be changed on the source gadget.

Regarding particulars, the Boat Airdopes 441 is comparable to different items in this value section. The headphones use Bluetooth 5 for network, and are controlled by 6mm powerful drivers with a recurrence reaction scope of 20-20,000Hz. The SBC and AAC Bluetooth codecs are upheld, which is getting typical even in the reasonable genuine remote section.

The charging instance of the Boat Airdopes 441 is pill-formed and as plain and normal to take a gander at as the headphones. There’s one major element here that sets the Airdopes 441 separated in the fragment – USB Type-C charging. While most reasonable genuine remote headphones estimated under Rs. 3,000 have Miniature USB ports, Boat offers the more current norm on this headset. Charging time was respectable; it took around an hour and a half to totally accuse the instance of the headphones inside.

The actual headphones ran for around three hours on a solitary charge, with the case adding almost four charges for an all out battery life of around 14 hours for each charge cycle. This wasn’t especially amazing, yet is comparable to what we’ve seen from different items in the moderate genuine remote fragment.

Immeasurably an excess of bass on the Boat Airdopes 441 

Sound items made for India will in general be tuned for more grounded bass, however the Boat Airdopes 441 maybe takes this altogether too far. I’m not opposed to the possibility of a touch of predisposition towards the low-end frequencies, however with the Airdopes 441, I’d venture to such an extreme as to call the bass exorbitant. I utilized the Boat Airdopes 441 with an Android cell phone, tuning in to music, accepting calls, and watching a couple of recordings also. The AAC Bluetooth codec makes a little improvement to sound quality on the headset, however the tuning of the Boat Airdopes 441 didn’t improve. 

Beginning with Netsky’s Tequila Limonada, the Boat Airdopes 441 was quickly altogether too much when it went to the lows. The thunder of the bass in this as of now punchy track overwhelmed the remainder of the recurrence range rapidly, driving its way to the focal point of my consideration. The intense and excessively forceful thunder could be heard most unmistakably in the sub-bass components, and I regularly felt like I was having the internal parts of my ears delicately punched by little boxing gloves.

While some may appreciate the hefty bass, I immediately became weary of it. The punch and hostility was very exhausting at all volumes, and I regularly expected to offer myself a reprieve a few minutes to shake off the thunder. All things considered, the amazing recurrence spike made for a mind boggling measure of detail in the lows. Never-ending Days by Nu:Logic sounded extraordinary, and I had the option to pinpoint inconspicuous changes in the manner the bass sounded not at all like on any obvious remote headphones I’ve attempted previously.

On the off chance that you give gentler tracks with less sub-bass a go, there’s a decent measure of detail to be heard on the Boat Airdopes 441. Tuning in to Remain Something similar by Bonobo, the principal moment of the track before the amazing thunder kicked in sounded spotless and sharp for a spending headset. Albeit the bass overwhelmed the remainder of the track, the delicate, calming vocals and a portion of the fainter subtleties could pretty much be heard behind the scenes – in the event that I focused hard enough. 

The sonic mark will speak to many, especially the individuals who appreciate the forceful, bass-substantial feel of music in a club. There’s just about enough of each track to be heard past the lows, while the bass adds a liberal aiding of energy and drive. All things considered, this sort of drive and force isn’t for everybody, and choices, for example, the Realme Buds Q are more qualified to audience members who need determined bass, yet not all that quite a bit of it.

For voice calls, the Boat Airdopes 441 is just about fine. Sound quality on the two finishes of a call was nice in calm conditions, however venturing outside or in any event, remaining at a window prompted a considerable measure of foundation sound getting gotten by the receivers. This headset is totally usable for infrequent voice calls, however the Realme Buds Q is a superior alternative to consider at this cost in the event that you mean to make a ton of without hands calls.


Albeit essentially every alternative in the moderate genuine remote fragment is tuned for improved bass, the Boat Airdopes 441 demonstrates that there is such a mind-bending concept as ‘something over the top’. The sonic mark of these headphones helped me to remember being in a packed dance club, standing right close to one of the monster speakers. While this may appear to be loads of fun, it truly wasn’t; this degree of low-end drive can get tiring rapidly. The plan and battery life aren’t great either, despite the fact that IPX6 water obstruction is a great idea to have. 

To be totally reasonable, the Boat Airdopes 441 doesn’t sound terrible, yet it doesn’t sound excellent by the same token. There’s very a utilization case for these, and bass darlings will appreciate what the Airdopes 441 has to bring to the table. Nonetheless, it’s certainly worth considering comparatively evaluated alternatives, for example, the Realme Buds Q, and on the off chance that you can knock up your financial plan to around Rs. 4,000, the JVC HA-A10T remains our top pick among moderate genuine remote headphones.

Price: Rs. 2,499


. IPX6 water resistance

Good touch controls

AAC Bluetooth codec support

USB Type-C port for charging


Excessive, often overpowering bass

Ordinary looks

Average battery life

Uncomfortable fit with the ear wings

Ratings (out of 5)

Design/ comfort: 3

Audio quality: 2.5

Battery life: 3

Value for money: 4

Overall: 3

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