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March 2021 ‘Three’ Photography Competition Results

Here are the winners of our  ‘Three’ photography competition…

From product shots to landscape photographs, we received a great variety of images for our March competition, the first in 2021.

The winner of this month’s competition wins a Karl Karl Taylor Photography Bundle, which includes a LEE Filters Landscape Polariser, LEE Filters Foundation Kit, Karl Taylor Colour Effects & Technical Gel Pack and X-Rite Colour Checker, all valued at $428. Second and third place receive a LEE Filters Little Stopper and a Karl Taylor Colour Effects and Technical Gel Pack respectively.

The winner of the Karl Taylor Photography Bundle is…

1st Prize

Shyjith Cheriyath 1st Prize

Photography competition prize

1st Place – Shyjith Cheriyath

A strong image that epitomises human versatility and teamwork. Here, the image depicts a team of three workers undertaking a difficult and stressful task beautifully juxtaposed against the worlds tallest building in the background, further enhancing the narrative. The figures, whilst diminutive in scale, juxtapose superbly in the frame due to the yellow clothing offset nicely against a predominantly neutral or blue background.

2nd Prize

Ashraf Khunduqji 2nd Prize

Photography competition prize

2nd Place – Ashraf Khunduqji

While there were several submissions of high-quality product shots in this competition, this one felt the most authentic in that it looked apparent that all three were different bottles and shot together based on the various attributes of each bottle, the liquid, labels and embossing. A well-executed image that depicted clearly the three volume sizes available.

3rd Prize

Andrew Greenwell 3rd Prize

Photography competition prize

3rd Place – Andrew Greenwell

A thought-provoking image of this young woman reflecting three times in the image. The metaphors are plenty, with contemplation, personality, viewpoint and experiences being among them. The ambiguous nature of the image and the untold story of the young ladies shaved head appearance makes it all the more intriguing.

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Would you like the chance to win?

Photography competition prize

Our Next Competition Closes 11th June 2021

First Prize: Karl Taylor Professional Filter Kit (Value $950)

Second prize: LEE Filters Big Stopper (Value $120)

Third prize: Karl Taylor Colour Effects & Technical Gel Pack (Value $86)

To find out more and enter visit our photography competitions page 

Good Luck! 🙂

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