How to get hired with no experience

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This is the age old question … How do you get hired to do work that you’ve never been paid to do before because you need experience. But to get that experience, you need to do the work. Here are a three ways to overcome this chicken & egg situation:

Get Involved

The fastest way to learn is to get involved in the community. It can lead to new partnerships, new opportunities, and lend itself to being in the right place at the right time. You will also start learning and understanding who the key players are, what they care about, and what they are working on in. If you’re not sure where to start, here are some ideas. If you’re not sure what’s available in your area, use google or ask around.

  • Local meetups & networking events
  • Read online forums & participate in the discussion. Contribute & add value.
  • Film/Photography forums or community forms
  • Volunteer/attend festivals or industry events
  • Attend workshops & courses

The key idea is to spend time around the stuff. Put yourself in a position to win. Put yourself in a position to learn.

Create Proof Points

You need to create proof points that demonstrate you have the chops to do the work. If your current portfolio doesn’t represent your capability in a way that can garner the opportunities you’re looking for, you can create it by investing into personal projects that do.  Use your own money, your own time, your resources to make it happen. Create a portfolio that shows the work that you want to be paid to do.

Do the Work

There are no shortcuts. If you’re waiting to be recognized with very little to show, you will be waiting for a long time while others will pass you by. You have to do the work and share it. Don’t expect if you do one or two projects that the doors will open. You need to keep grinding, keep contributing, keep getting involved. Eventually, opportunities will come. I promise  you.

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Immersion & Community

Proof Points

Do The Work

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