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Xiaomi Walkingpad Review (Xiaomi Foldable Treadmill)

Xiaomi Walkingpad Review (Xiaomi Foldable Treadmill) – Phone King

Xiaomi walkingpad for stay fit at home. If you think about you, don’t have a place at home for any gym equipment. Don’t worry. This article solves your every problem. Xiaomi walkingpad is a foldable treadmill you can keep at any place, even under the bed. The weight of this device is 28kg. if you think about its a lot of weight you don’t move easily from one place to another then don’t worry its come with the tire you easily move this from anywhere without any problem.

Xiaomi Walkingpad Review

In this article, I clear your every doubt about the Xiaomi walking pad. Every person wants to fit and healthy. One of the most significant challenges is how staying fit at home because many country gyms are closed due to coronavirus, and we don’t go to the gym. Even I also don’t go gym due to coronavirus restriction. Then I decide to go outside for exercise in the park and other places. Some days I go outside, but I face many challenges, like rainy days one of the biggest challenges is going out to a park and other sites for exercise. If you want to fit at home or you don’t want to leave home due to work at home, then you are at the right place. Today I tell you about the Xiaomi walking pad. I clear one thing early this Xiaomi treadmill not for everyone if you read below about the Xiaomi walkingpad speed and weight section.

Xiaomi Walking pad design

design looks like very good and brilliant—the design overall good its a pro point for the Xiaomi walking pad. But if we talk about durability, then it allows a maximum weight of 90kg. only under 90kg person run on this Xiaomi treadmill.

Xiaomi Walkingpad Review

This is made with aluminum alloy frame that looks like very good and excellent. On the top display show information about running mode and speeds. But one of the biggest problems it doesn’t have hand support. It looks like a very simple platform without handles. We can use this device even doing other work like watching movies, tv shows, reading a book, or working from home. But I think it is difficult for an older person to run fast on this treadmill without any support.

Xiaomi Walking Pad Size and weight

When I see the first time Xiaomi walking pad, I don’t believe it is possible you keep this device at home; even under the bed, it’s a tiny and foldable device. The folded size of this device is only 82x55x13 cm, while the unfolded size is 143x55x13 cm with a running belt size of 120×41.5 cm. The size is really amazing. Our problem for keeping this device, I think, solves Xiaomi. You easily keep it any place at home without worry about space. If we talk about weight, then it is a little bit heavy for the older person. The weight of this device is 28kg. For older person face problem with moving this from one place to another. But I think for a younger person don’t have trouble with this weight. Xiaomi Also solves our problem about moving this because this device also has a tire for moving. This thing is good, and I like it. But overall, it’s heavy for moving without tire.

Xiaomi Walking Pad Speed

The fastest you run on this Xiaomi Walking pad is 6KM/h. If you want to run fast or you are a young person, then it is not for you. According to this speed, I confidently say if you want a treadmill for the older person, this is good for that. But for the heavy user or fast user, I don’t recommend this. But one thing I don’t like about this Xiaomi treadmills it does not have any speed control option on this machine because it’s not have handles. For control speed, you can use an application on mobile. If you don’t want to use mobile for control speed, then you have the option of the remote control you can control speed and turn on and off from remote easily. From mobile applications we track history. And see about how many calories we burn. It is a good option but one thing I don’t like about mobile applications we can’t turn on or off this treadmill. If we want to turn it off, then we use a remote or given button on this device. If you think about if we lose remote or don’t want to use remote then how to control speed without using mobile during running. For that purpose, I have an answer for you. You adjust the speed limit from mobile one of these things I like really. It supports three different speed modes standby mode, constant mode, automatic mode, Xiaomi Walking Pad run with the Mi Home app. You can easily download this application from google play and any other application store.

Xiaomi walking pad application

From the application, we can’t turn on or off the treadmill for turn on and off. We can do that from a remote or treadmill button. from this application We can easily track history and know about calories. we can also have an option to adjust speed automatically or manually program on the application. To control this treadmill from a mobile we need mi home application we can easily download this application from the google play store.

Xiaomi Walking pad features

Xiaomi is a tech company. If we talk about this Xiaomi Treadmills, then Xiaomi also uses on this treadmill some tech-related things like control from mobile track your calories and history about running I like those things. But one thing I really don’t like about this Xiaomi Walking pad is on this application doesn’t have an option for turn on or off this device. If you need to turn off during running, then first you need to slow speed from this application or from remote then you turn off from this machine button or if you want to turn off during running without slow down and wait for stop then you use remote from remote you quickly turn on and off this device and remote also have options like speed control etc.

How xiaomi walking pad remote function

First of all, we need to put battery cells on this remote then use this remote using different buttons from this remote we control speed and also turn on and off this treadmill.


  • Foldable
  • Control using Apps
  • Track history


  • You can not run more than 6Km/h
  • Does’t Have any handles

Key Specs

  • Weight 28kg
  • Weight capacity 90 maximam
  • Folded Dimensions 143CM X 55 CM X 13CM.
  • Unfolded Dimensions 143CM X 55 CM X 13CM
  • Remote Control Yes
  • Weight Limit 90kg
  • Maximum Speed 6kms/hr or 3.7miles/hr

Home Gym

A lot of benefits of the home gym, like membership of the gym, pay every month wait for some machines. And one of the biggest problems, according to my experience going to the gym, is mange time because some people don’t have a time for going to the gym every day. If you also like faces, then i think this xiaomi walkingpad solve your problem. This is the Xiaomi smart gadget for stay fit at home without worry about machine space and going outside for running. Some older people live in the village and want to stay fit, but it’s a problem for that going to a city and joining a gym. Many people live in some villages and like another place where they don’t find a gym. He decided to go to a city for the gym for going city and far from town it is costly even you lose a lot of time. That why I think the home gym is better than other gyms if you don’t have a gym near to.

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