51 of my favourite photographers that will inspire you

There are many great photographers and I’m sure I’ve missed several but some of my favorites are listed below. Through my concept, execution, and post-production analogy you can use these as a benchmark.

Many of the photographers listed here I know well and they will all tell you that there is very little room, if any, for compromise to accomplish many of the images to these standards. Attention to detail, an acute understanding of light, narrative, form, and emotion are necessary to continuously deliver work at this level.  Observational skills are also imperative as is an instinctive or studied understanding of how humans respond to images.

Product & Still Life Photographers

Portrait Photographers

Beauty Photographers

Fine Art & Conceptual Photographers

Fashion Photographers

Automotive Photographers

Conceptual, lifestyle & commercial

Although I wouldn’t like to consider myself one of my favourite photographers 🙂 I have included my own website here for further reference and comparison. I am very humbled to say that others in the industry have ranked my work highly and I’m proud to be an evangelist for high standards in professional photography and education as well as a global ambassador for Hasselblad and Broncolor.

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