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Members’ Picture Critique – Corporate & Business Headshots

In this live show Karl will be reviewing business portraits, corporate headshots, and environmental portraits — a staple commission for many photographers.

Throughout this critique Karl will be reviewing images submitted by members, not only to offer his feedback on the final images but also to offer advice on how to get the best results for these types of shots.

If you’ve ever struggled with shooting corporate and business headshots and want to learn how to achieve professional results make sure to watch this live critique, where Karl will be sharing his top tips for a successful shoot, discussing important considerations, and also showing simple post-production fixes that will help enhance your images.

As you’ll learn in many of our business portrait photography classes, there are some important considerations when photographing professional portraits:

  1. Planning & preparation
  2. Lens choice
  3. Background
  4. Lighting
  5. Camera settings
  6. Post-production

Karl will elaborate on each of these points as he works through the submissions, and you’ll learn why each of these are so important and how to best apply these concepts to your own work.

To learn more about business portraiture, make sure to submit your image and join us live for this critique show. Also take a look at our business portrait course, which covers everything from pre-shoot considerations to equipment recommendations and suggested lighting setups.

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